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Ottonomy IO Introduces Ottobot Delivery Robots

Updated: Jan 31

Ottobots are Truly an Autonomous Delivery Fleet of Robots For Contactless Deliveries

Have you ever wished for a way to get your packages delivered even when you’re not home? The Ottobot delivery robots, created by Santa Monica, California-based Ottonomy IO, are here to make your dreams a reality! These revolutionary robots are designed to automate last-mile deliveries, making getting your items where they need to go easier. Whether you’re looking for food, beverages, groceries, or packages — the Ottobot Yeti can deliver! Let’s take a closer look at these robots' capabilities.

Reimagining Last Mile Deliveries with Robotics as a Service The Ottobot delivery robots offer businesses an incredibly convenient and cost-effective option for last-mile deliveries. It’s available on a Robotics as a Service model that allows business customers to access quick, safe, and economical delivery options. Using your phone and the provided QR code unlocks the cabin with your precious cargo.

Moreover, these robots are fully autonomous and can deliver food, beverages, groceries, and packages to curbside locations and indoor environments.

Robots That Reduce Carbon Emissions Beyond the convenience of having robotic delivery options available for customers, these robots also help reduce carbon emissions. By eliminating the need for human drivers on last-mile deliveries — companies can drastically reduce their carbon footprint because there are no cars or trucks on the road wasting fuel.

Furthermore, these robots have accurate mapping and localization thanks to their behavior-based contextual navigation system. Ultimately, they will work fully autonomously in unpredictable indoor and outdoor environments during the day and night. Multiple systems from 3D lidar sensors, cameras, and three layers of safety sensors ensure they never get lost and never collide with humans or objects. In addition, these robots are equipped with four-wheel drive to give them directional mobility, including four-wheel drive “crab mode.” In short, these robot delivery systems are highly maneuverable.

Revolutionizing Quality of Life With Autonomous Robots The Ottobot delivery robots don’t just make life more convenient — they improve the quality of life too! With Ottonomy’s latest introduction of the Ottobot Yeti, it can be programmed with automated dispense mechanisms.

This will allow it to deliver packages even if there’s no one around to pick them up. That means that you don’t have to worry about being home when your package arrives — it will already be waiting for you when you get back from work or running errands!

Conclusion: If you’re looking for an efficient way to manage last-mile deliveries without sacrificing convenience or safety, these Ottobot Delivery Robots are just what you need! With their ability to reduce carbon emissions while improving quality of life via automated dispense mechanisms — these robots are revolutionizing how we do deliveries in the 21st century.

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