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Now, You Can Rent Christmas Trees?

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

It Just Makes Sense!

I had written an article discussing the Christmas Tree shortage of 2021.

Imagine my surprise when I heard you can now rent your Christmas trees. It seemed to be a no-brainer. The concept is simple:

  1. You pick out your tree on a typical farm or site.

  2. You agree to pay a rental price and a deposit.

  3. You then take the living tree home, enjoy its splendor throughout the Christmas season and then return it afterward.

  4. The tree is then replanted until next year.

The hope is you develop a relationship with the tree, and it will return to your home the following year and so on.

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, a total of 25 to 30 million real Christmas trees are sold annually. Take into account nearly every one of these ends up being hauled away and dumped into a landfill. It is not a very “green” solution for this enormous amount of trees.

The renting of Christmas trees is a “greener” way of thinking and will reduce the amount of pollution created. Left to rot, a Christmas tree emits harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. The haul away of these trees is enough to make me shudder thinking about the carbon emissions.

I imagine each tree farm will have its own program, including delivery and pick up of the tree. Expect to see this industry grow and evolve in the next few years as it is still in its infancy. If you plan to rent a Christmas tree, rest assured you are doing the environment a favor!

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