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My Little Girl Likes to Dance!

Perhaps She Has a Future on DWTS!

A dancing little girl in her own world!

I have an eight-year-old daughter, and she is one of the most precious and frustrating humans in my life. Precious in the way she will seek me out, kiss me on the cheek, and tell me “I love you, Daddy” unprovoked. She is frustrating in that a meal one week can be the best thing she ever ate, and a week later, she hates it. You can feed her at 1 PM, and she is starving at 1:30 PM. To get her to brush her hair or her teeth can be the most exhausting thing on Earth.

All that said, The one thing I envy most about my little girl is she likes to dance. This little girl will bust into a dance routine at any time and place. I can count several instances; recently, a hint of background music is playing, she will leap from her chair and show her latest moves. Supermarkets are a prime place for her to let free one of her latest routines with all of the open real estate. Our local restaurant or department store is all fair game.

I believe what I envy most of her is the carefree attitude, and I wonder if I ever had this. If I ever did have it, when did I lose it? It brings me joy to be somewhere and look onward as my little girl dances to the latest popular song. Knowing she has not a care in the world at the moment and she “likes to dance.”

Dancing Girl (Provided by Wix)

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