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My Household Is Close to Being Fully Vaccinated!

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

They have finally approved vaccinations for kids.

A pair of gloved hands drawing into a syringe a dose of vaccine.

Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

A few people around me were anxious and scared to get their kids vaccinations. Myocarditis and fertility issues seemed to be the buzzwords around their reasons to delay. While Myocarditis has happened, it is rare, and fertility issues are unproven. The experts would like to drive home; COVID carries worse side effects than a simple vaccine could cause. I would imagine all vaccines could have some adverse effects in rare cases. The important takeaway is the shot, like the Covid virus, affects everyone differently, and science has proven vaccination remediates the impact should you contract the virus. More importantly, death becomes extremely unlikely.

We have been highly anxious, waiting to have our kids vaccinated. The CDC and the FDA (Center for Disease Control and Food & Drug Administration) approval could not have come any sooner. We immediately signed up our kids for the first shot and patiently waited for the day to come. The entire process was handled well by the staff administering the Pfizer shot.

Vials of COVID 19 vaccinations.

My wife and I arrived at the appointment on time with our son and daughter (yes, both of us!). My son has panic attacks when needles are involved, and an additional person is often needed. It is always amazing to see my daughter handle it with flying colors and her older brother just the opposite. The kids could pick the arm of choice, and it was pretty quick and painless. As told to me later, the build-up is always the most significant anxiety driver.

Ultimately the kids experienced only the pain in the arm the next day. I believe I complained more about my arm than either of them did and I complained, even more, when I received my booster. I was hopeful and happy when my kids experienced no odd side effects. Now I can say the first shot is in the books and we are that much closer to our household being fully vaccinated.

Excited young boy leaping for joy in the middle of a two lane road.

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