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My Goal is to Retain My Warmth In This Cold Climate!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

I anticipate it will be getting cold and this “warming” vest should help!

A tractor plow throwing the accumulated snow several dozen feet in the air.

Here Comes the Snow (media by JC)

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Over the last few weeks, I have accumulated a few items to remain warm when walking outdoors. As many know, the midwest and northeast can get hammered with cold temperatures and quite a bit of snow. This week is no different, with early forecasters predicting a couple of feet of snow. One of my main goals is to have the proper clothing for the event I wrote about in this article:

Not to say there will be blizzard conditions this year, but you never know. That being said, I wanted to add to the outer jacket Eddie Bauer Evertherm I purchased recently. Of course, I plan to buy plenty of hand and toe warmers, but I was intrigued to see a warming vest was available. I could envision myself wearing this vest under my jacket and possibly my hockey jersey when on the Straits of Mackinac.

After reading quite a few reviews, I settled on a warming vest by Besserite. It was lightweight, and I could wear it inconspicuously under my jacket without adding too much bulk. Some of the vests I had seen called for you to provide the battery, but this particular offering came with its own 10,000 mAH battery. I was pleasantly surprised to see this battery came with a USB-C charging cable.

The Besserite Warming vest laying flat on a surface.

My initial thoughts on this vest begin by stating my younger self would be ribbing me right now for buying such an item. There is no way I would have bought something like this ten years ago. Now that I am older and realize comfort/warmth is vital to me, I would slap my younger self in the face. Then I would put this vest on and be warm.

Essentially there are four warming zones, two of which are nicely situated near the right and left-hand pockets. I envision using these to warm up my hands when my gloves need a little bit of help. The warming zones extend up on both sides to keep your front torso warm. The upper back region accounts for zone number three, and the fourth zone is the neck area within the collar. Overall, I believe they did their homework with the proper heating distribution.

I wore this vest yesterday on a three-mile walk, and the results were pretty favorable. There are three settings when you touch the emblem. The color red indicates the highest heat level at 140 degrees, suitable for 4 hours. The blue light indicates 122 degrees at 7 hours, and the green light is 104 degrees for 10 hours of heating time. Naturally, I wanted the highest level of heat, and we were on our walk for roughly 50 minutes. The outside temperature was in the lower 20’s, with the wind chill even lower. I suspect it will be getting quite a bit colder later this week.

A close-up view of the emblem warming button.

Emblem Power Control (media by JC)

The battery can be conveniently stored away in the pictured internal hidden pocket. There is a DC cable at the ready to affix to the battery when ready to heat.

A close up view of internal warming vest battery.

Hidden Internal Pocket (media by JC)

Whatever spare battery juice you have could be used to charge your phone as it does have an extra USB out port. Personally, I will most likely need the entire battery for the warming factor.

Topside view of the input and output ports of the battery.

Ports (media by JC)

Ultimately I plan to utilize this vest in a variety of situations. My daily walks and my later excursion to pond hockey should be all the more enjoyable with this new purchase. My goal of retaining warmth has been achieved!

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