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My Fascination With Model Railroads!

tion with Model Railroads!

They still captivate me after all this time.

A model representation of the Inter-City Express located in Hamburg, Germany.
Model of The Intercity Express (media by JC)

This coming weekend the largest traveling model train show comes to Novi, Michigan. Always an event, it is generally a mainstay on our calendar each year it comes our way. Past events were always more exciting when my son was interested in all things “Thomas” related. Unfortunately, those days have passed, but a small amount of interest still remains.

Onlookers viewing a Thomas the Train model railroad representation.
A Thomas Model Railroad (Media by JC)

For as long as I can remember, I have always gravitated to any and all things train-related. Indeed, I was a kid who wanted to be a train conductor growing up. There was always something appealing to me with regards to sounds and train visuals, but the need to become a conductor started to fade as I grew up. This was soon replaced by every other occupation that captivated me at the moment, whether it was fireman, policeman, or professional hockey player.

I still envy those who took their interest in trains and channeled it into model railroads. I have to shout out to those who treat this as a genuine passion while constructing elaborate sceneries and having full rooms to devote to this hobby. The tremendous attention to detail added to the display, including the animals, people, lighting, landscaping, and other vehicles. It is an art form, no matter how you slice it.

A crime scene fully represented in a model railroad.
Attention to Detail (media by JC)

I have made an internal pledge to visit the world’s largest train set in Hamburg, Germany. Having seen plenty of videos and pictures of this tremendous display known as “Miniatur Wunderland,” I can only imagine what it looks like in person. Spanning over 50,000 feet, this Wunderland traverses the landscapes of eight different countries. I have included a link to their video here:

They went as far as adding boats and, more importantly, a fully functional airport.

A fully-functional airport represented in the Miniatur Wunderland.
Airport (media by JC)

Imagine the number of hours and money devoted to getting this elaborate display up and running. In a way, I am happy I didn’t get entirely wrapped up in this hobby because I don’t have an internal off switch. I read about some train hobby enthusiasts, and in some cases, they are consumed by this favorite pastime. I think I will stick to being a spectator for the time being, as I don’t think I have the pockets or spare time to take this up at this point in my life. In any case, my fascination remains, and I will be first in line for the “Train Show.”

A short video of a working model train.
Model Train (media by JC)

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