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My Family Loves Food Trucks!

There is something about eating from a mobile restaurant!

A red food truck specializing in Asian food called Fortune Cooking.
Fortune Cooking Food Truck (media by JC)

My family has developed an affinity for food trucks lately, and I must say I welcome it with open arms. We have an adjacent neighborhood that schedules and advertises the arrival of a particular food truck at least once a week. We have participated in several of them so far and have yet to be disappointed. So why are food trucks in such demand right now? These are a few of the reasons, at least from my family’s perspective:

  • Think of these trucks as food delivery in areas where options to partake are few and far between. In our case, the chance to ride our bikes to the visiting food truck has been a tremendous convenience on a Tuesday evening.

  • We get introduced to new restaurants, and we usually wouldn’t get to meet the owners of the establishments. In many cases, the owner is also the cook. We get a little peek into what goes on in the kitchen.

  • This reason is fundamental because of how picky my kids are. We are introduced to various food options, and I must say we have not been disappointed up until this point. More importantly, my kids have expanded their pallets and been more open to trying new dishes. Quite simply, my kids love food trucks!

A sampling of Asian dishes enjoyed on an outdoor picnic table.
Asian Food (media by JC)

  • 4. This reason is a little murkier today than in the past. Food trucks used to be an inexpensive option for good food. While I still find them to be less expensive than the average local restaurant, we still shell out a decent amount of cash.

  • 5. We have seen a new level of creativity in food preparation. As mentioned earlier, particular food trucks have brought their A-game to the dishes' names and the ingredients used to prepare the dish. Food truck creativity is on display!

A food van that specializes in gourmet sandwiches called Heroes or Villains.
Hero’s or Villians Gourmet Sandwiches Food Truck (media by JC)

  • The experience of the food trucks within the adjoining neighborhood has allowed us to mingle with neighbors we wouldn’t usually talk to. This is the neighborhood’s main ploy for bringing in the food trucks.

  • Having watched several food truck shows on the food network, I know these ingredients are fresh. The menus were created that day in many cases, and it's a welcome opportunity to sample the menu.

  • This final reason for visiting food trucks is probably my most important one. As a family that visits restaurants a couple of times a week, seeing a food truck offers a break from the norm. Our own experience makes for a reason to ride our bikes and picnic outdoors. Call it another bonding opportunity because of the time we spend together. To put it simply, it's cool!

A small food trailer specializing in Mexican food.
Food Trailer (media by JC)

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