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My Continuing Search for the Right E-Bike

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

After Falling, It’s Time I Picked Myself Up!

Someone traversing a road on an electric bike.

Photo by Gotrax on Unsplash

I have written two articles on a Crowdsourcing Project and progress, or lack thereof, towards the end goal of receiving my ideal e-bike.

Here we are in November after a year and a half of empty promises and no Rocket Bike. Given they have pushed the date out again, it looks like Spring of 2022 will be a lost cause, and I will need to find an alternative. In the best-case scenario, the project will be completed sometime in 2022, and I will still receive a bike. In the worst-case scenario, Rocket Bike goes under, and I will still only have one e-bike. At this point, I optimistically envision having two bikes, one for myself and one for my wife, sometime in 2022.

I will now be proceeding ahead on my quest to find the next best bike. If I play my cards right, I may find something better. My list will include most of what “Rocket” has marketed. I will be looking for something portable. I understand all bikes are mobile, but e-bikes are very cumbersome. These bikes can weigh quite a bit due to the battery and the added motor. I will need a bike to support my large frame (At over 6 feet), which will add to the sizing. My biggest concern is it needs to fit in the back of my SUV. The “Rocket” bike was perfect as it folded down to make the size manageable.

The folded “Rocket” bike making it very portable.

Folded Rocket Bike

I do not want to put a bike rack on my car at all times. The bike has to go in the boot of the car, with the possibility of having two. This will make it ideal as my goal is to traverse between my work buildings without putting needless miles on my automobile. In a perfect world, I would have already been utilizing this. It kills me to think of the wear and tear of daily commuting!

It will have to have the “fat” tires I have heard so much about. These fat tires will help me traverse the nasty snow and ice we encounter up here in the midwest. I have also read reviews talking up the fat tire bikes as they have inherent cushy suspension. Those bumpy rides will feel less invasive on your body.

I also want a decent range on the battery. Rocket touted a range of over 100 miles, with pedal assist and regenerative braking. Do I need this much? Not necessarily, but it would be nice to have something comparable. Bigger is not always better, as this could lead to an even heavier bike.

I have a long list of wants, and the list of e-bike manufacturers is growing nearly daily. Luckily I have a go-to source over at Electrek. If only they had persuaded me to stay off the Indiegogo site! Oh well, live and learn.


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