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Maybe Composting Can Be Exciting!

At least some companies are trying to make it more appealing

A garbage can sized unit made by Reencle for in-home composting.
Reencle In-Home Composter (media by JC)

I wrote in an earlier article about the innovations being brought into the home regarding recycling. After all, the whole goal is to reduce our carbon footprint.

In learning about the Lasso Loop, I came across another developing technology showcased on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. First and foremost, I am not promoting that anyone goes out and jumps into the following campaign as I have had plenty of hits and misses on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter. You can read about some of my successful and unsuccessful attempts starting here if you are so inclined.

Without any further delay, I am referring to composting, and the latest campaign by Reencle bears a discussion. For those who need a refresher, you can read up on it in my earlier article on composting.

Reencle is the first of its kind eco-friendly food waste composter. It uses microorganisms, all nature-based, to compost food waste and transforms it into fertilizer. Think of this in-home composter as a punched-up version of all those preceding it.

The unit is the size of a standard trash can and acts as such. The lid will open automatically using the touchless foot sensor.

A video demonstrating the touchless foot sensor of the Reencle in-home composter.
Touchless Foot Sensor

The unit comes with one microorganism package and a shovel you can affix to the side of the food waste recycler. The microorganisms can be used unlimited times provided they are cultivated well. In other words, keep these organisms fed, and they will continue to thrive indefinitely.

As with all indoor composters, one of my biggest concerns is odor. This unit promises no odor based on the 3-stage filtration system built within the system. Also of concern is the loudness of such a unit because it is always turning in an effort to convert your 1.5 pounds of food scraps into fertile soil within 24 hours. This unit advertises a sound level of less than 30db. To put this into perspective, normal talking exceeds 60db. The 30db level of this machine is on par with a whisper-quiet library which sounds very promising.

The finished product is fertile soil after 24 hours.
Soil After 24hours (media by JC)

This campaign looks promising as Reencle has sold several hundred units in Korea. It seems that the technology is tried and true with solid data backing up the capabilities. Look for it to be released statewide in May. I am currently on the fence, but I am intrigued. I will advise in a later post if I decide to purchase this to reduce my carbon footprint.

Important Notes:

This unit will optimally compost 1.5 lbs of food a day, or a maximum of 2.2lbs.

Expect the unit to only compost those items the human body can digest. The company calls out eggshells and corn cobs as two items microbes will not break down.

The dimensions of the unit are 12 x 13.0 x 18.4 inches. The total weight of the unit without compost is 22.4 Ibs.

Reencle returns 90% of your food waste to nature for use as fertilizer. The other 10% is slow composting material which can be disposed of as waste or added to an outdoor continuous or batch composter.

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