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It Was Time to Upgrade My Macbook Pro!

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Apple Made Me Do It!

2014 15 Inch Macbook Pro (media by JC)

It was starting to look like I needed to replace my 2014 15 inch Macbook Pro. I love the unit, but it began to show its age over the last few months. I started to see little nuances when opening multiple windows within the browser. Google Chrome proved to me repeatedly, it no longer liked my processor, as it had trouble remembering what I clicked on. Every menial task seemed to take eons, (yes I am exaggerating)! I had come to the point where a slight delay was too much time wasted.

Even more so than the tortoise-like speed was the battery power or lack thereof. I believe I get less than 2 hours on a battery with the old unit, depending on what tasks I have it perform. I have to be near an outlet at all times, or I risk a total shutdown. The touchpad had also seen better days, as it required serious force to click on items. My right thumb told me it was time.

How is it Apple was able to get me to pull the trigger? I suppose I was already at the tipping point, and Apple gave me the proverbial push. They announced another line of competent Macbook Pros. I purposely waited until this week to think about buying one as this new line of Macbook Pros would put a severe dent into my wallet. My thinking was there would be no supply, and I would give up on making the purchase. Did I need a new computer? It certainly was not a necessity, but I sure did want one. I also knew wait times are now going out through late November and into December, and I was not one for waiting.

I jumped on the Amazon website on a whim and was surprised to find a 14″ Macbook Pro available. I marked this up as a sign, and I bought it. To satisfy the “instant gratification” of my personality, I was happy it was available for in-store pick-up. Even though this is not the unit I would have purchased, it was still far better than what I had.

2021 14 Inch Macbook Pro(Left) & 2014 15 Inch Macbook Pro (Right) (media by JC)

As you can see, there is a noticeable size difference. I might have waited to get the 16-inch Macbook Pro if I had the patience, but this is still significantly larger than a typical iPad. Bigger is not always better, and I will learn to love the screen size. I can’t say enough about the speed. It is a joy to be able to switch around between screens and applications with no lag. Everything is crisp and responsive. The Trackpad is more extensive and takes no effort to click. I have waited seven years before taking this plunge, so I expect improvements, and I am pleased with what I have seen thus far.

The battery is a thing to behold. So this is what it is like to be a portable laptop. I was getting used to being wired as my portability was non-existent. I believe Apple advertises 17 hours on this unit. I do not need to test this and will be happy to get 10 hours. Don’t get me started on the speakers. Truly impressive Apple was able to get this type of sound out of something so small. There is no comparison between the two units based on sound alone.

These are just some of my initial thoughts on the first few days of putting this computer through its paces. It was time to make the change, it was costly, but I believe it will pay dividends in the long run.

2021 14″ Macbook Pro (media by JC)

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