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It’s a “Grandview” at Bay Beach in Fort Myers Beach, Florida!

If You Have the Money, This Place is For You!

Signage located in front of the in-process Grandview construction site.
Grandview at Bay Beach (media by JC)

I recently came across an article that sums up my thoughts on the Grandview property listed above.

When my wife and I were in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, we took it upon ourselves to continue our daily couple mile walks, including our usual traversing of Bay Beach Lane. Bay Beach Lane is a stretch of road adorned with high-rise condominiums from beginning to end.

Running left to right is a yellow highlighted street called Bay Beach Lane leading to the gated community where Grandview is located.
Bay Beach Lane in Yellow (media by JC)

It had been some time since I had been down to Florida, and to say it has changed in the last couple of years would be an understatement. We generally come across the path where it enters a gated community called Waterside during our walk. It is here you will find several luxury high-rise condominium towers. This brings us to the lovely Grandview establishment touted as the last luxury condo tower at Bay Beach Lane. They broke ground on this establishment roughly two years ago, with construction stalling during the pandemic. They lost a year of progress but were able to pull everything together last year in time for the new projected 2023 Spring completion date.

A view from below of the Grandview construction site including the covered garage.
Grandview Construction (media by JC)

So what can we expect from this piece of property? Grandview at Bay Beach is being advertised as a luxurious 11-story condominium building. The modern building features resort-inspired amenities designed for Florida’s outdoor lifestyle, health and wellness, and connecting residents with the area’s natural environment. The building offers beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico and Estero Bay, with sweeping views from private balconies. It is pretty obvious where they gained inspiration for the name “Grandview.”

Now, what can we expect to pay for these grand view condominiums? Starting prices begin at $1,250,000 for living space starting at 2400 square feet. Let it be known this is the “starting” point and as you reach the higher square footage (2900 sq ft); you will easily surpass $2,000,000 for the larger floor plan. As with most home sales lately, there is no shortage of prospective buyers. Grandview has currently sold over 60% of available residences thus far. Speaking of residences, there are six different floor plans (homes) to choose from.

The Grandview has six different floor plans to choose from.
Grandview Floor Plans (media by JC)

Having just celebrated the completion of the 11th floor, marking their on-time schedule, there will be 58 total residences in total. Each floor will comprise six homes, with the top floor being all penthouses. I can only imagine how much these units will cost!

A front view of the Grandview building during construction.
Work In Progress (media by JC)

It is safe to say that these are not the typical residences for middle-class families and certainly not Grandview’s target market. These luxurious residences are adding to Florida being the “least affordable place to live in the US”!

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