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Is the AMZCHEF SJ-036 Slow Juicer Worth the Investment? A Comprehensive Review

Introducing the AMZCHEF SJ-036: So This is What a Good Slow Juicer Will Do For You

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First, let me say I need a good juicer. In a world where health is wealth, the quest for extracting the most nutrients from our fruits and vegetables is paramount. For this reason, I came upon the AMZCHEF line of juicers and purchased two in search of the best option. The first is the SJ-036, and the second is the ZM-1501. They are not too dissimilar in their features, but I will focus on the premium AMZCHEF SJ-036 Slow Juicer for the following article.

An Overview of AMZCHEF SJ-036

I won’t bore you with unboxing the juicer, but it is as simple as it gets in overall makeup. The reservoir/filtration system accompanies the central drive unit. You also have two separate containers for the juice and solid waste. Notice the brush for intricate cleaning and a press bar to push down any stubborn vegetables and fruit.

Stepping into the home juicer scene, the AMZCHEF SJ-036 boasts a 250W motor and cold-press masticating technology that maximizes juice yield while retaining nutrients. What sets it apart is the power under its sleek exterior, a triple filtration system, and an automatic juice extraction feature, making juicing a convenient and efficient experience. We began by peeling a few oranges and cutting up some strawberries.

250W Powerful Extraction

The cold-press masticating technology of the AMZCHEF SJ-036 operates at a low speed, mimicking the action of the human mouth to chew and squeeze the juice from fruits and vegetables gently. This method not only yields more juice but does so without generating heat that can destroy nutrients. (Now that I write this, it sounds gross and looks gross, too)

This juicer’s 250W motor ensures that even the toughest ingredients are no match for the auger, maximizing the extraction process and your juice's health benefits. The surprising factor with a powerful motor is that AMZCHEF can keep the sound level low. The SJ-036 will juice fruit and vegetables at the same sound level as a normal conversation or 60db. To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

Harnessing the Power of Mastication

The key to the juicer’s high efficacy is its masticating process, which finely dices produce before pressing it. By maximizing the surface area of fruits and vegetables, more cell walls are ruptured, releasing additional nutrients and enzymes into the juice. The solid waste left behind really lacks taste.

The Nutrient Preservation Champion

High-speed juicers often expose the juice to air for extended periods, which can oxidize the juice and degrade its nutrient content. The AMZCHEF’s cold-press method reduces oxidation, ensuring the resulting juice is fresher and packed with a richer nutritional profile.

Unprecedented Triple Filter

A remarkable triple filter is at the heart of the AMZCHEF SJ-036’s filtration system. The three-tiered approach ensures that the juice is smoother and purer, surpassing the typical standards of juicer filtration. With filter meshes set at 2mm, 0.8mm, and 0.5mm, even the tiniest particles are held back, delivering smoothness and near perfection in every glass.

Enhanced Juice Yield and Purity

The ridge-to-ridge fit of the filters results in a purer juice, as it prevents any backflow that could drag pulp back into the main compartment. This enhances the purity of the juice and ensures that every droplet of liquid that emerges is brimming with nutrients.

Automatic Juice Extractor

With the AMZCHEF SJ-036's automatic juice extraction feature, the days of constant feeding and supervision are gone. Its 135mm wide feed chute effortlessly swallows whole fruits and vegetables, significantly reducing preparation time. This generous size also ensures a less interrupted workflow, meaning you can produce a large batch of juice without pause.

The Efficiency of Wide Mouths

Wider feeding chutes ease preparation and contribute to a more flow-friendly extraction process. Without cutting produce into small pieces, the AMZCHEF SJ-036 optimizes the juicing experience for efficiency and ease. We still cut some large chunks, like the pineapple and apples. Now, I will say the company states that this machine does not welcome fleshy/tendril-like fruits and vegetables. I was relentless in my testing, and the juicer never flinched. Another note…….Strawberries shouldn’t be juiced, but I did it anyway to give the orange juice a less acidic taste.

If at any time you have a stubborn food item caught in the auger, you can reverse it on the simple dial knob on the front of the unit. I never had the issue, but knowing me, I will in the future.

Handling Large Volumes with Ease

The 1.8-liter capacity allows ample juicing without the frequent interruptions caused by emptying the juicing pitcher. Whether serving a household or preparing for the day, the AMZCHEF SJ-036 minimizes the steps between produce and juice.

Excellent Use of Anti-drip Lid

This juicer incorporates an anti-drip lid to prevent spills and leaks, keeping your countertops clean. Whether mid-juicing or simply pouring a glass, the AMZCHEF SJ-036’s thoughtful design tackles the often-overlooked mess issue, enhancing the overall juicing experience. The anti-drip lid combines functionality with aesthetics. It’s not just a mechanism to prevent wastage; it’s a feature that maintains the allure of a tidy, uncluttered juicing station, enhancing the overall pleasure of creating and enjoying a healthy, vibrant juice.

A Clean Juicing Experience

Cleaning a juicer can be daunting, but the level of filtration provided by the AMZCHEF SJ-036 means its components stay cleaner for longer. Less buildup leads to a more hygienic juicing experience and streamlined maintenance. Pulling apart the unit is pretty simple, and cleaning was a no-brainer.

Target Audience Appeal

For the health enthusiast, the AMZCHEF SJ-036 is a powerful tool to support a vibrant lifestyle. The efficiency in extraction and nutrient preservation speaks to the health-conscious who desire optimal benefits from their diet. Home chefs appreciate the juicer’s ability to handle various ingredients, expanding their culinary repertoire without sacrificing quality. Tech-savvy individuals are drawn to the AMZCHEF SJ-036’s combination of innovative features, transforming juicing into a modern, convenient practice.


The AMZCHEF SJ-036 Juicer is more than a countertop appliance. It’s a health hub, a culinary partner, and a modern testament to the evolving landscape of home juicing. In my limited experience, you can expect meticulous engineering and thoughtful design to result in a juicing experience that’s healthier, simpler, cleaner, and quieter.

For those who value juice as a staple of their wellness routine, the AMZCHEF SJ-036 is a formidable ally in the ongoing quest for healthful vitality. I look forward to putting this machine through its paces over the next few months for a more comprehensive review later.

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