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Introducing NAXEON I AM: The Ultimate Electric Mini-Bike for City Commuters

The NAXEON I AM Electric Mini-Bike is Well-Designed and Well-Equipped

If you’re a transportation enthusiast who loves exploring vast urban landscapes, Naxeon’s I AM might be the perfect electric mini bike. This e-bike is designed to cater to urban commuters, offering them an efficient and exciting journey through the city streets. The I AM is the latest offering from the Chinese e-mobility start-up Naxeon, which has already taken the market by storm. This abstractly named bike stands out because of its unconventional design, speed, and unique features that cater to individuality and comfort. This post will look closely at Naxeon’s I AM and what sets it apart from other electric bikes.

Design and Build:

The first thing that sets the I AM apart from other electric bikes is its design and build. The company calls out its Self-Developed Suspension System. In their own words:

The bike has a minimalist yet futuristic design, with all the wiring and cables hidden away, which gives it a sleek and stylish look.


The Naxeon I AM is a robust electric vehicle with a powerful electric motor. The I AM has an impressive 10.5kW peak power motor in the rear wheel hub.

The beauty part of this motor is that it can reach a top speed of 75 mph (120 km/h). This speed makes it one of the fastest electric min bikes in the market. To power this high-powered motor, you can choose between a 4.3 kWh or 6.5 kWh battery pack, with a range varying from 75 to 113 miles on a single charge. The fast charge is a welcome option to the I AM, taking the battery from 20% capacity to 80% within 1.5 hours.


The I AM features offer riders a unique and enjoyable experience. Its connected app gives users real-time data on their bike’s performance, battery life, and range. All of this is future-proof with OTA (over-the-air updates). The I AM also has an interactive lighting system that will run through various colors and schemes to call out features like distance sensing, horsepower indicators, riding status indicators, and more. These lights are distributed throughout the vehicle body.

Couple this with safety features such as blind spot detection and rear collision warning, and you have a pretty well-put-together vehicle. Much of this is possible with the included front and rear camera system. These features make the I AM one of the most advanced electric bikes on the market.


The Naxeon I AM retails for approximately USD 8,000 (7,400 Euros), which is steep for an electric mini bike. However, the price is reasonable considering the bike’s performance, features, and unique design. The I AM investment will pay off in the long run, mainly if you’re a commuter looking to minimalize. The bike’s cost is comparable to other high-end electric bikes from leading brands. It’s an investment worth making for cycling enthusiasts who value performance, features, and style.


The Naxeon I AM is a unique electric bike that caters to urban commuters and cycling enthusiasts looking for an efficient and exciting ride. First production models won’t be available until the 1st quarter of 2024, with France and Belgium first in line. From there, the lines of distribution should start to open up.

The Naxeon I Am’s impressive speed, range, advanced features, and minimalist design make it one of the most exciting electric bikes on the market. The I AM is an investment worth making, mainly if you commute frequently or love to explore the urban landscape. The perfect blend of style, performance, and comfort will elevate your cycling experience. The Naxeon I AM is undoubtedly an electric bike worth checking out.

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