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I Want to Bring Attention to the Magical Amaryllis!

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

I discovered this fantastic flower a few years ago.

The Apple Blossom Amaryllis in all of its splendor.

My first introduction to this beautiful flower was during a typical visit to the nearest supermarket. They had a lovely display of these bright red waxy bulbs that promised to yield beautiful blooms. I quickly purchased one for my wife and mother. The significant sell feature was the following:

  1. These self-sustaining bulbs needed no water

  2. No direct sunlight

  3. Anything they required was packaged within the red waxy bulb.

  4. They would yield multiple, beautiful flowers

A typical, wax-coated Amaryllis self contained bulb.

Even a fool like me could grow this flower, and grow they did. For this reason, I continued to look for these beauties over the last couple of years. This year was different. My wife kicked it up a notch and bought me a pre-started bulb in a box.

The box came with a bulb, growing medium, and a small pot. The enclosed directions stated the following: Take the bulb and plant it into the growing medium within the pot. Ensure to expose 1/3 of the bulb and keep the medium (soil) moist but not saturated for optimal growth.

A growing Amaryllis bulb with 1/3 of bulb showing a lightly watered.

In just a few weeks, this is what it yielded and is continuing to deliver. Say hello to the Apple Blossom Amaryllis, an actual dummy-proof flower.

Amaryllis flowers in full bloom.

My goal is to kick it up a notch and see if I can get this bulb to continue to bloom over the next year, understanding it needs a dormant phase. I may be getting overconfident. I want to give a special shout-out to these two works I came across in a search after writing this. They are a bit more eloquent than mine.

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