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I Added Vibrant Colors to My Wall, in the Form of Light!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

A little splash of Nanoleaf Canvas to light up my life!

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In an earlier article, I wrote in length about adding various smart lighting to my home.

One such item I touched on was the Nanoleaf Canvas I purchased to adorn my wall with. The starter kit comes with nine panels, and you can get creative with these. There is no rhyme or reason to the way I set these up on my wall, but my real goal is to expand and continue to add to the Canvas system.

The individual panels are touch-sensitive and will respond with a change of color when pressed. I currently have mine set up in my office to react and change color with music. I have them running through random color schemes when music isn't playing. I rarely have these off as they continue to be a conversation piece. To say these keep me constantly entertained would be an understatement, given my tendency to jump into the app to experiment with new color patterns.

Nanoleaf application in the IOS system.  A list of color patterns.
Nanoleaf Application Color Scheme (media by JC)

The color schemes are endless, but I just let them react to the sound around them in most cases. They do have an option to run through your computer to respond and coordinate with your movie playing applications (i.e., Netflix).

Placement and setup are pretty simple as these panels come with 3M command strips. I purchased extra command strips and experimented with panel placement until I settled upon this pattern.

Please note the Master panel as it has the menu functions. This should be placed first, with the other panels following suit.

The command panel with menu functions listed on front.
Command Panel (media by JC)

The adjoining panels need to be connected using the supplied linkers.

Nanoleaf canvas package with linkers and command strips.
Panels with linkers and command strips (media by JC)

Get creative with your patterns as there is no fundamental limitation provided you ensure each panel gets the proper link. I have seen endless designs. If you have an endless amount of disposable income, you can paint your whole wall in color. I’m not there yet, and I am not quite that bored!


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