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“How Many Vacuums Does One Need?”

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Do I Need Another One?

Anyone who knows me instantly understands my yearning to find the next best thing. I am always searching for something to make my life a little easier and a little more exciting. I search for reviews, hang around on crowdfunding sites, peruse exciting items on my Flipboard magazine, all in the search for the “next best thing.” This led me to my next purchase as I had been looking for something easy to use, easy to store, and strong enough to do the job. I am referring to a new cordless stick vacuum.


I have already touted my fleet of Roomba’s, which perform my more extensive daily vacuuming needs. Roombas are great, but they can’t do everything. I wanted a quick and easy option for those messy instances created by my still young kids. I wrote in previous blogs the difficulties of keeping a very dark hardwood floor clean (It shows everything). For years Dyson was a name bandied around when mentioning stick vacuums. I nearly pulled the trigger multiple times on one of these units, but the price of one of them always made it hard for me to justify completing the purchase. Maybe it was just me, but it seemed like everyone became a follower and bought a Dyson because it was the thing to do.

Ultimately, I did not purchase a Dyson. I decided to stray from the pack and seek another alternative. My goal was to source a unit that could be hung on a wall, have multiple attachments, a decent battery, and excellent performance. Without boring you with the details of the research I did and reviews I read, I will get right to the item at hand. I bought the Tineco Pure One S12. I was able to locate a deal on Amazon for $329 before taxes. They have a few different models with more bells and whistles. They can run as much as $699 fully loaded. I opted to purchase the extra tools to complete the package.

This unit is loaded with bells and whistles, but I want to focus on how I use it. Having been an avid user of ordinary corded vacuums for years, the portability of this unit was something I highly coveted. Many a time, I would take a corded unit up and down stairs using the attached hose to clean each step. You would get halfway up the stairs to realize you needed to move the electrical cord to give you more distance. A cordless unit removes this hardship entirely. I can use it with the included extension or as the smaller unit with the extension removed. This flexibility comes in very handy when cleaning our fabric couch and chairs.

The unit advertises a 50-minute battery, which is more than enough for my needs. My use of this unit is minimal for smaller jobs not completed by my Roomba fleet. The battery length is significantly reduced when using the turbo mode. I have noticed the unit will adjust automatically depending on the dirt it senses. Not a bad feature, but I prefer the highest amount of suction at all times. When used in turbo mode, I notice the battery will give you roughly 19 minutes of straight cleaning. If I can’t complete my job in 19 minutes, I’m not working fast enough.

It is very satisfying to see the unit pick up everything on one pass. I can honestly say this is one of the best purchases I have made over the last few years. My wife and I use this vacuum often to clean the laundry room, mudroom, or random messes the kids leave when eating in the kitchen. I am guilty of not using the attachments I purchased. The options consisted of brushes for vents, blinds, and other appliances. I can see using the elastic hose extension in some instances, but the need has not arisen yet.

Tineco Attachments

Overall, the unit does what our household needs it to do. I needed a unit to be portable, inconspicuous, and capable. We mounted the unit on the wall within our laundry room out of the way. It is both out of sight and within reach all at once. We use it for our cleaning tasks, hang it back up, and it is ready and charged for future jobs. The handy phone app will send you a notification when the dustbin needs to be emptied and cleaned.

Would I recommend this unit? Quite simply, yes! It is an excellent unit at a reasonable price. It will complement your Roomba fleet well or function as a decent supplement to your standard vacuum. I haven’t quite tapped into the full potential of this machine, but the summer has come and gone. I have many inside months to look forward to. More to come!


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