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Hercules: Triton Brings Us Speed and Comfort in Their Latest Submersible

A Closer Look at an Innovative Submarine

Triton Submarines and Espen Øino International have teamed up to create Project Hercules, a first-of-its-kind luxury submersible. By reimagining how they use the patent-pending AVA (Advanced Versatile Acrylics) hull, designers at EOI and Triton Submarines’ design partner Dark Ocean DeepSea have combined comfort with speed to create Triton’s first-ever high-speed submersible. Project Hercules offers guests a completely different user experience, revolutionizing how we travel underwater.

How Project Hercules Was Created The idea for Project Hercules came about when Triton Submarines’ CEO Robert McCallum approached Espen Øino International with the idea of a high-speed submersible. Together, they began to conceptualize what such a vessel might look like and how it would differ from other submersibles on the market. They knew they wanted to create a comfortable and fast submersible, which had never been done before.

To make this dream a reality, they reached out to Dark Ocean DeepSea, Triton’s design partner, and together they began to bring the project to life. The EOI team worked on the vessel's exterior design while Dark Ocean DeepSea focused on the interior. They wanted to create a space that was both luxurious and functional, a place where guests could relax and enjoy the underwater views.

What Makes Project Hercules so Special? One of the things that makes Project Hercules so unique is its AVA hull. This hull allows the vessel to reach such high speeds while maintaining a comfortable ride and superior view for the guests. In addition, the hull is also designed to minimize drag, which means that less energy is needed to propel the vessel through the water. This makes Project Hercules not only fast but also efficient.

How fast and how deep can Hercules go? This vessel can achieve depths of 200 meters (656 feet). It is beyond the 200-meter threshold that the sunlight begins to dwindle at a very rapid pace. Given the four large thrusters, Hercules can travel at 8 knots (9.2mph). It is essential to note the Hercules is powered by a 60kWh battery and is expected to provide 10 hours of power. Even more exciting is the possibility of up to four days of life support for extended stays.

The retractable ballast (above) will have a couple of purposes. First, it will act as a barrier of protection against accidental collisions. Second, it will help balance the horizontal trim. Couple this with an inward-facing camera, and you can capture the passenger's experience throughout the ride.

Another unique feature of Project Hercules is its spacious interior. Unlike other submersibles on the market, which can feel cramped and claustrophobic, Project Hercules has been designed with comfort in mind. The vessel can accommodate one pilot and six passengers in its spacious cabin, which features large windows that offer panoramic views of the underwater world. Don’t worry; it has a dynamic climate control system and a premium sound system to add to your ride soundtrack.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a new way to travel underwater, you must check out Project Hercules from Triton Submarines and Espen Øino International. This revolutionary new vessel offers guests a completely different user experience, sure to revolutionize how we travel underwater. With its spacious interior and high-speed capabilities, Project Hercules is unlike any other submersible on the market today.


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