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Eating at Restaurants is Not the Same!

We Live in a Different World!

The pandemic has caused many things to change, not the least being the restaurant experience. The increase in pricing goes without saying, as inflation is prevalent everywhere. The one thing and there are many; I want to make a note of are the menus.

Scaled Back Menu (Media by Wix)

The menus at most of my local restaurants have scaled back to anemic levels. I am not referring to the big chains but rather the small business owner. Small Business is the hardest hit segment during the pandemic. To echo what one of my friends said, “I don’t mind it provided it keeps them in business.” The lack of labor with waitstaff and the kitchen has put an awful damper on these restaurants. We have seen so many businesses close over the last two years; we are all for the cost-saving measures like scaled-back menus—personally, I like the reduced selection. I can tell you countless times where a restaurant’s offerings can be too overwhelming.

Owner/Server (media by Wix)

The waitress would be hovering over you, ready to take your order, and you only just opened the menu to make a selection. You ask the waitress to go ahead with the rest of the group’s order as you quickly skim through to find something more appealing than the first 100 items. Was I appreciative they had a large selection and could cater to my fussy kids? Absolutely! One thing the pandemic did for my wife and me is to make our kids a little more appreciative of eating out in general. Now it is more of a luxury and less of a daily occurrence.

As I stated, I like the reduced menus. I have to believe the restaurants, or specifically the kitchens, like the limited offerings. It will be interesting to see how things progress over the next year. I will continue to support the restaurants and their plight to remain open in these trying times.

Kitchen (Media by Wix)

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