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Drinking Diet Soda is a Vice I Don’t Want to Kick!

I Like Pop, Soda, or Whatever You Want To Call It!

Some people drink coffee or some form thereof in the morning. If they didn’t, establishments like Starbucks wouldn’t be threatening to become the largest Food Chain in the world. McDonald’s is currently number 1, for those of you counting with many more locations, and Starbucks is a real threat at number 2. I will stick with my Diet or Zero soda. I enjoy it, and I have no problem drinking it at any time of the day. It is not uncommon for me to have had five cans of it before noon.

Michigan’s Faygo

I don’t have a preference, and I am not partial to Coke or Pepsi. I prefer changing it up to please my taste buds. Give me Coke Zero, Pepsi Zero, Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke, Diet A&W Root Beer, Diet 7UP, a few different flavors of our local brand Faygo, Diet Squirt, and the list goes on. I believe you get the idea. If I visit a restaurant, I take full advantage of the endless refills. I am an expert in advising if something is off on the ratio. Certain restaurants have great fountain drinks. If you bring me a regular version, I will know it immediately. It tastes like straight-up syrup.

Trust me, I have heard it from everyone, including my therapist. Diet Soda is not suitable for you. “There is Aspartame in it” is a common saying. The fear of cancer is always a genuine concern. “You should drink water” is another one. I don’t want to is always my answer. Water is boring, and there is plenty of water in the Soda, or Pop as we say in Michigan, I drink. Trust me, I get it, it most likely isn’t good for you, but there are worse things.

For now, I will continue to drink my countless cans of “Pop” and receive ridicule from my friends and family. For now, my kids are appreciative of my “Vice” as it provides them with a steady income from the .10/can deposit received when returning cans. It will be both the taste of pop and gratitude of my children that continues to feed my habit!

A Variety of Soda Pop

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