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Do I Have a Technology Addiction?

Great! Another Topic of Discussion With My Therapist?

Anyone that knows me, or has read my work, has probably gathered the fact I love technology. I love anything that has the allure of making my life easier, more exciting, and even more enjoyable. A certain amount of exhilaration felt when receiving the package after ordering it, unboxing it, and putting the piece into action.

Various Gadgets (Media from Wix)

I belong to countless technology blogs, magazines, newsletters. If something new is on the horizon, I will most likely be the first in line. I believe my love for technology was rooted in me back in my early retail days. I saw the evolution of the personal computer and was fascinated with any future innovations.

I am currently utilizing my latest technology purchase to type this article. I casually strolled into purchasing a new “wanted” Macbook Pro. I have been giving this piece a good workout lately, but it brings me to another realization. I have made countless purchases over the years, and it scares me to think of those items which I rarely use. I tell myself I have a whole winter sequestered indoors to utilize these toys, but will I?

I have written articles calling out many of the devices I use to make my house more intelligent, but my family and I use these items daily. I shudder to think of all of the things I do not use. If I gather these up, what will this reveal about me? Is this something I need to discuss with my therapist? What brought me to purchase these items in the first place? Hmm. It looks like I just found another future article.

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