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Bringing a Little Flair to the Soap Industry!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

DAWN, Keep bringing the innovation!

The DAWN Power Wash and EZ Squeeze Line-Up of soap product.

The New DAWN Line-Up (media by JC)

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Now and then, a company like P&G (Proctor and Gamble) will bring a little bit of excitement to an otherwise stagnant product. Let’s face it, Dawn dish and hand soaps are tried and true, and there is no reason to change the formula. This is the same product used to clean animals when environmental disasters like oil spills rear their ugly heads.

Cleaning ducks involved in an oil spill disaster.

Cleaning Ducks (media by JC)

Sure they have dabbled with improving the surfactants within the soap (Notice 4X Power), but for the most part, the product “just works.” I was pleasantly surprised Dawn adopted their version of the Flairosol trigger with their product. This Powerwash package contains a thinned-down soap (hopefully concentrated) and now can be sprayed directly onto pans, pots, cups, and other “hot messes.” Bringing innovation to the product is the best way to get new customers.

The Flairosol trigger used for wide-ranging spraying applications.

So what is this Flairosol trigger? This allows for a continuous spray without the use of propellants within the product. This is a friendly aerosol without nasty hydrocarbons to propel the product onto the surface. With a few priming pumps of the trigger, you obtain a continuous and soft spray. I have seen several hair salons use these bottles and triggers to apply water when wetting hair. I use it to mist my plants.

The Flairosol trigger used to water plants.

Flairosol Plant Misting (media by JC)

What is more important is the trigger is reusable. Dawn markets this well with a package that includes one trigger and soap combination along with two refills. Don’t worry; the company offers a variety of fragrances for those with sensitive sniffers. The pictured fragrance is fresh scent, but I am partial to citrus.

Dawn Powerwash offering with two refills.

They stepped it up a notch and removed the blue color while advertising “Free of Dyes.”

Dawn Powerwash Free and Clear with no dyes.

The boys and girls in marketing said they had more to give. Powerwash had breathed new life into the dish and handsoap game. I imagine the discussion went like this:

Let’s reinvent the standard soap bottle. Ketchup and mustard containers have done this where the bottle will release the product from the bottom. Why not take this and apply it to Dawn’s soap line-up and call it EZ-SQUEEZE.
DAWN’s new EZ-Squeeze bottle

As the bottle states, no flip and no mess. More importantly, you get nearly all of the product out of the bottle. We no longer have to take off the cap, add additional water and shake until all soap remaining in the bottle is ready to be used. The EZ-Squeeze bottle allows gravity to do its work at all times. They went a step further and said, “While we are at it, let’s throw a picture of a duckling on the label to remind everyone we did our part during the oil spills.”

Thanks for the improvements Dawn, you had me from the start, but you have just firmed your grip on me. Keep the innovations coming!

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