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“Black Ice” More Than Slippery!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

With the Colder Weather Comes More Hazards!

An overturned, mangled car resulting from flipping!

Typical Crash

I thought this article might be timely as I received a call about a friend who encountered black ice. He was clipping along at a pretty high rate of speed, caught a piece of this treacherous road condition, and hit a guard rail causing his car to flip. Although he doesn’t feel it currently, my friend was extremely lucky because he escaped the crash with just a broken leg and nose. I say he was lucky because he lived and is not permanently disabled because of the crash. The paramedics had to free my friend from his mangled car with the “Jaws of Life.”

The Jaws of Life, a mechanical contraption to remove pieces of steel.

“Jaws of Life”

This past Sunday brought our first snowfall of the Fall season. I know what you are thinking; Fall Season, well welcome to Michigan. We experience so many temperature changes throughout the seasons. With the snowfall eventually came a shift to rain due to a warm-up in temperatures. Unbeknownst to countless drivers and me, the Monday morning commute was fraught with black ice. My morning drive, which I take part in at 5 AM daily, immediately stood out as outside the norm with car slippages. Just ask my “lucky” friend.

A speeding car traversing a road covered in ice.

Black Ice

Black ice, sometimes called clear ice, is quite dangerous as it is a very thin, highly transparent formation of ice on the pavement. We call it black/clear because of its transparency and taking on the color of the pavement below. You can imagine how dangerous it can be when an “aggressive” driver attempts a sudden move. It can be just as hazardous as a pedestrian when encountering this yearly phenomenon.

A black, ice covered walkway.

“Black Ice”

Just a word to the wise, “travel with care.” Be aware of the weather conditions because mother nature can be deadly.

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