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Basso Bikes- This Electric Gravel Bike Has 130 Mile Range

Go the Distance on the Volta Electric Gravel Bike

Italy's Basso Bikes has launched a new bike- a pedal-assist gravel electric bike- that is lightweight and has an impressive 130-mile (220-km) battery. For riders looking for a versatile bike that could take them anywhere- from the city roads to the toughest mountain terrains- the Volta gravel bike is a perfect choice. The Volta is designed to handle any terrain and make long rides comfortable. This blog post discusses everything you need to know about this electric bike, including its features, benefits, and why it is a perfect addition to your biking collection.

Features of the Basso Pedal-Assist Gravel Bike: The Basso Pedal-Assist Gravel Bike is designed to give you the ultimate adventure experience. It is an electric version of the company's Palta gravel bike. It comes equipped with a 250W Polini EP3+ mid-drive motor with 75 nM of torque.

Powering this 250W Polini motor is a 500Wh battery that is neatly integrated into the downtube for easy charging. Even more exciting is Basso provides an option to add a battery extender package (250Wh) to the vertical tube. This will add even more range to the already proposed 130 miles. The bike has four levels of pedal assist to choose from, and it can reach speeds of up to 25km/h (15.5mph) when assisted.

All of the telemetrics of the Volta can be seen in the mid-handlebar area on the included 2.5 "TFT display. The display has an adaptive light color screen to ensure the rider can view the necessary data in all situations.

Benefits of the Basso Pedal-Assist Gravel Bike: The Basso Pedal-Assist Gravel Bike offers many benefits that make it one of the best electric gravel bikes in the market. It is incredibly lightweight, with a carbon fiber frame of fewer than 34 lbs (15kg). This adds to an easy-to-handle and maneuvering bike even in the most challenging terrains. Its electric motor and pedal assist features allow riders to easily conquer steep inclines and ride for longer distances without getting too tired. The bike's integrated battery and cable routing further add to its sleek and minimalist design, making it a fashionable choice for any riding style.

Why the Basso Pedal-Assist Gravel Bike is a perfect addition to your biking collection: The Basso Pedal-Assist Gravel Bike is a perfect addition for bikers who like to ride off-road, explore new terrains, and seek adventure. The bike's lightweight nature, electric motor, and pedal-assist features help make long rides enjoyable while making steep inclines easier to conquer. Furthermore, with the 220-km battery, riders can go on long rides without worrying about recharging the battery midway. The Basso Pedal-Assist Gravel Bike is also perfect for city road riders who seek an eco-friendly mode of transportation and want to go green.

How the Basso Pedal-Assist Gravel Bike compares to other electric bikes: Basso Pedal-Assist Gravel Bike has set itself apart from other electric bikes in the market. While most electric bikes are bulky and heavy, the Basso bike is lightweight and easy to handle. Additionally, gravel bikes are designed to handle any terrain, which sets them apart from the road or mountain bikes. The Basso bike combines the best of both worlds, making it an excellent choice for riders who want a versatile bike that can handle any terrain- from city roads to mountain tracks. Couple this with a bike made to streamline the carrying of bags and accessories for the perfect bikepacking experience (pictured below).

Conclusion: Overall, the Basso Volta Pedal-Assist Gravel Bike is the perfect choice for anyone in the market for an electric bike. So, how much can one expect to pay for this particular bike? You can expect a starting price of around $7,000, with that price ballooning with the addition of enhanced components and accessories. The Volta is available in either Stone Gray or Military Green, along with four sizes (S, M, L, and XL).

From its lightweight design to its integrated battery and pedal assist features, this bike offers a unique and enjoyable riding experience. The bike is perfect for anyone who wants to explore new terrains and go on long rides without worrying about battery life. So if you're searching for the perfect electric bike to add to your biking collection, the Basso Pedal-Assist Gravel Bike might be the answer.


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