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Autonomous Baggage Handling From Aurrigo

It's About time!

Have you ever wondered how airports can move luggage so quickly and efficiently? Mostly, humans convey the bags from point A to B at airports worldwide. What if I told you a new autonomous transportation system, made by the UK-based transport tech company Aurrigo, is now on the job at Changi Airport in Asia? Its two vehicles, Auto-Dolly and Auto-DollyTug, are driverless electric vehicles transporting baggage between planes and terminals. Sounds fancy and futuristic, right? Let’s break down how these autonomous vehicles work.

How Does Auto-DollyTug Work? Auto-DollyTug is a four-wheeled vehicle that can autonomously transport aircraft containers from the terminal to large aircraft.

It has sensors built into its frame, which allows it to recognize people and objects on the road. The vehicle can read traffic patterns, detect obstacles, and respond accordingly by avoiding them or slowing down for safety. Plus, its sophisticated navigation system allows for high accuracy when docking with aircraft. This ensures that no time is wasted during the loading or unloading containers. Even more exciting is the vehicle’s capability to carry 1.5 tons of luggage, coupled with towing 7.5 additional tons of additional cargo on three conventional dollys. The vehicle can be operated in autonomous mode or driven in manual mode by a driver.

What About Auto-Dolly? Auto-Dolly is a smaller version of Auto-DollyTug that transports luggage containers called Unit Load Devices (ULD’s) from the terminal to smaller planes.

Similar to its larger counterpart, it has sensors built into its frame, which allows it to navigate safely around people and objects while transporting cargo. There are also cameras incorporated into its design which help detect any potential hazards on the road before they become an issue. This allows for the efficient movement of containers without any manual interference necessary.

Conclusion: Autonomous baggage handling is here — thanks to Coventry’s Aurrigo! Using their EVs — Auto-Dolly and Auto-DollyTug — airports can move their luggage more quickly and efficiently than ever. With features such as obstacle detection, navigation systems for accurate docking with aircraft, and cameras for hazard avoidance, these EVs are revolutionizing how airports handle baggage logistics! If you’re an early adopter or engineer interested in learning more about this technology, visit Aurrigo’s website today!


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