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Alright Already, Bring on Spring!

Enough of this never-ending Winter!

A snowy covered backyard with an onlooking deer.
Standing Deer/Snowy Backyard (media by JC)

This morning I awoke to the above irritating setting in my backyard. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy the sight of deer in our backyard, but the freshly fallen snow is a little much in the last days of March. As someone who has lived in Michigan his entire life, I am not surprised, but I would be happier with a little more consistency.

With temperatures as high as 60F early this week and averaging 50F throughout the last few days, today’s high of 30F is a little much. To say I am done with the cold this year would be an understatement. Happily, we only have to endure this for a few more days before going on holiday to warmer and greener pastures. We always joke that just about the time we decide to flee, the cold weather, the skies part, and the warmth sets in. We fly to warmer parts of the earth and leave behind good weather in Michigan. I am happy to say this is not the case this time.

We also leave behind one of the biggest heartburns Michigan has to offer. If you are anyone from the Midwest, you know what I speak of….. The dreaded pothole:

Several potholes strewn about a well-traveled road.
Potholes (media by JC)

This year has been especially rough on cars in general. The constant temperature change and the erratic precipitation provided the perfect storm for these dreaded road dangers. Now I have to give the counties some credit for promptly filling some of these, but the half-hearted attempts are a little much. I’m referring to the speed at which the patch is applied to each hole to cover as much area as possible in record time.

A view of the process to applying cold pothole patch to an affected area,
Proper Pothole Patch (media by JC)

The repair pictured above is a masterpiece compared to some of the patches applied there. The typical procedure involves using a cold patch like the above and tamping it down with the shovel. As I have witnessed on several occasions, the tamping down is expected to be done by oncoming traffic. The visual of small mounds of this cold patch shoddily thrown at or around the hole is a little much. Trust me, any patch is better than no patch, but a little more effort, please! The absolute travesty is seeing another crew returning to repeat the process later.

Again, I love waking up to seeing the view of deer in our backyard but enough with the snow of 2022!

Three deer grazing in a snowy backyard.
Three Deer/Snowy Backyard (media by JC)

Is it too much to ask for less crater-filled roads and more picturesque scenes like this?

Three deer frolicking in a lush-green backyard.
Three Deer/Green Backyard (media by JC)

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