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Yes, You Can Subscribe to Technology!

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Just another thing I don’t need, but it gives me something to write about!

Technology (media by JC)

“Discover and experience epic new gadgets” is this companies credo! I am uncertain how I came across the Gadget Discovery Club, but I chalk it up as bored and looking for something to entertain myself.

The idea is simple; this company charges a fee of roughly $350 annually. You can also pay in installments. You are now part of the club and will receive a package worth a “retail” amount of $150.

I received my first box within one week, and this is what it contained:

Box of 4 Items from KeySmart (media by JC)

I was a little surprised at the contents as I don’t rank these very high as technology goes. I liked the idea of the Cleantray UV Sterilizer case for my small gadgets. I remember seeing various versions of this over the last year in these days of the ongoing pandemic.

Sterilizer (media by JC)

Put the gadget in, close the lid, and 5 minutes later, I have a sterilized unit. I see KeySmart now offers a case that will also charge your gadgets. My unit doesn’t have this ability!

Also in the package is one of the KeySmarts key organizers. It is the Swiss Army version of key organizers. You might get a kick out of the YouTube video reminding you of how hard it is to put keys into your pocket.

I have no idea how I made it this long without this device!

I figure the last two items were “gimmes”—a few trinkets to fill out the box. You have a quick key release and a no-touch stylus. I can’t see where I would use these, but “you never know”!

Quick Connect (media by JC)

NanoStylus (media by JC)

Quick thoughts:

  1. The concept is pretty cool in theory. It introduces you to things you may not have on your radar.

  2. My first box was not worth anything close to $150 retail. Perhaps they meant retail a year ago!

  3. I will use the UV sterilizer.

  4. They do offer risk-free (Satisfaction guarantee). It involves sending this package back to the UK, which sounds like a pain.

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