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Who Knew Blackberries Were So Healthy?

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Maybe not so healthy when made into a pie!

Photo by Don Lu on Unsplash

This past weekend I came across a stellar deal on blackberries. The local supermarket sold five (6oz) containers for five dollars, and I couldn’t resist buying them.

Blackberries have a few benefits I decided to indulge. First, they are high in Vitamin in the following essential vitamins:

  1. Vitamins A and C- Supports the immune system, bone, and tooth growth and aids the immune system.

  2. Vitamin K – along with Vitamin C, helps in blood clotting when experiencing an open wound.

Blackberries also contain a healthy amount of fiber, which ultimately helps regulate cholesterol levels. Couple this with the antioxidants within the blackberry, and you have a very healthy fruit.

You can take this fruit and eat it alone or dress it up with other fruits and possibly make a smoothie. I went a whole different direction and decided to go against the expert’s advice adding additional sugars to make a blackberry pie. It was my first homemade blackberry pie, and it tasted not too dissimilar from a raspberry pie.

Please tell me it still had some healthy attributes left!

Blackberry Pie (media by JC)

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