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What Kind of Home Does a Million Dollars Buy in Michigan Today?

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Housing prices have skyrocketed: Here is a Million Dollar Michigan Home

An outside view of the Deer Valley model home by Pulte Homes.
Deer Valley by Pulte Homes (media by JC)

To say the last few years have wreaked havoc with the housing market would be an understatement. Consumers bringing cash to closings, bidding wars, lumber shortages, insufficient housing inventory are all contributing factors. The average cost of a home is fast approaching $400,000, and many homes have exceeded this average.

According to a recent article by CBS NEWS:

So, what kind of home does one million dollars get you in Michigan? This, of course, depends on your location, but my article is focused on the metro-Detroit area of Michigan. My kids and I decided to tour the local Deer Valley model by Pulte Homes. No, we are no longer in the market for a new home, having just moved in the Smetro Detroitpring of 2021. I wrote about our experience here if you are inclined to read about it.

The Deer Valley model has a “starting price” just south of the $1,000,000 mark, and I dare you to stay under with the upgrades you need to make this a forever home. The critical details of this home are a living space of roughly 3700 square feet, the must-have three-car garage, five bedrooms, and 3.5 to 5 bathrooms. Keep in mind; this is the model which is shown fully furnished. I joked with the Sales Associate I would want to buy this house exactly as is. She threw a random number of an additional $200,000 at me to see if my head would roll!

The first room you see off to the left of the entryway is a nicely furnished office area. My first question is always,” Where do you buy the furnishings?”. The answer is generally Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, and Pulte Furnishings.

A view of the office to the left of the entryway.
Office Area (media by JC)

Just off the right of the entry is a formal dining room.

Formal dining area view immediately to the right of the entryway.
Formal Dining Area (media by JC)

All bedrooms are upstairs, starting with the master with ample living space.

A look inward to the master bedroom with king-sized bed and large windows overlooking the backyard.
Master Bedroom (media by JC)

Just off the main bedroom is another living space if your significant other has different sleeping habits.

This separate living area directly adjoins the master bedroom.
Separate Living Area (media by JC)

There is no shortage of space within the main bathroom with quite a lot of room dedicated to the shower.

A view from within the walk-in shower.
Master Shower (media by JC)

Don’t worry; they have his/hers closets with plenty of room.

A view of the spacious walk-in master closet.
Walk-In Closet (media by JC)

Additional bedrooms for one’s growing family throughout the upstairs.

A view looking into a nursery or spare bedroom
Nursery or Bedroom (media by JC)

A view looking into an additional bedroom.
Additional Bedroom (media by JC)

My son called this room his Fornite (Game room).

A possible game room or additional bedroom
Possible Game Room (media by JC)

Don’t worry; there are bathrooms to accommodate everyone.

A view into an additional bathroom.
Bathroom (media by JC)

This view from atop the stairs shows the fireplace and living room.

View from atop the stairs overlooking the fireplace and living room.
View of Living Room (media by JC)

Heading back downstairs, you enter the kitchen area. Make a note of the dark hardwood floors throughout the entire main level.

A direct view as you come down the stairs and directly into the kitchen.
Walking Downstairs Towards Kitchen (media by JC)

Well set-up kitchen view with  large island.
Kitchen (media by JC)

The kitchen is equipped with a large island, range hood, plenty of cabinets, and a pantry.

Looking into the pantry.
Pantry (media by JC)

Just off the kitchen and breakfast dining area is a sunroom. In many of the Pulte builds, this is an option. Interesting Fact: Given this particular location in metro Detroit, it is mandatory as the area does not permit flat-backed houses.

A view of the sunroom.
Sunroom (media by JC)

A view of the patio just off the sunroom.

A view off of the sunroom looking at the outside patio,
Patio View (media by JC)

This room seems to be a staple in many of the Pulte builds. They call it their Pulte Planning Center (PPC).

A view of the separate office-like area called Pulte's Planning Center.
Pulte’s Planning Center (media by JC)

I love the space off of the garage, making for a sizeable mudroom.

A view of the spacious mudroom coming in off the garage.
Mudroom (media by JC)

Large laundry room for washer and dryer.
Laundry Room (media by JC)

Excess furniture and decorations currently litter this model's three-car garage. Not too dissimilar from someone just moving in.

A cramped 3-car garage with plenty of decorations and furniture from the model.
3-Car Garage (media by JC)

Not to be forgotten is a spacious basement. Dual-zone furnaces and air conditioners are needed to fully heat and cool this house. I can only imagine the cost of finishing this basement. Plan on $50,000 to $100,000 additional funds to complete this project.

View looking at the large basement and furnace number one in the background.
Large Basement (media by JC)

Secondary view of large basement.
Basement Picture 2 (media by JC)

The ultimate question is, “Would you pay $1,000,000 for this home?”. My answer would be, No Way, but if I were to buy a home today, this home would cost well over $1,000,000. I would guess a few years ago; it would have been significantly less. Still, consumers are lining up to buy these homes in droves. It will be interesting to see how long this demand continues.

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