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To Buy, or Not to Buy the iPhone 13?

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Actually, this is not really a question!

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As written in an earlier piece, I had no intention of buying the iPhone 13. My iPhone 12 was an excellent purchase and I couldn’t have been happier until I took a tumble and my phone took the punishment.

I Had No Intentions on Buying the iPhone 13!

As it often goes, if you have insurance or the warranty nothing will happen to your merchandise. The minute you opt not to insure or warranty it, bad things happen. I did have a round of good news when I was informed AT&T was going to give me a few hundred dollars trade-in for my extremely damaged phone. I needed only to package it up and send it back to receive the trade-in credit.

A slightly destroyed iPhone 12
Rest in piece iPhone 12 (media by JC)

In some cases, I look for a direct replacement, but it's full speed ahead in cases like this. I would jump up to the iPhone 13 and learn to love the improvements. Let’s dive into my initial observations.

  1. I can’t tell any difference with the overall unit, save for one of the sensors looking slightly different. Physically, the phones are pretty identical, and this is demonstrated by the fact my original Spigen case fits this phone perfectly. The case is on, and if you didn’t know any better, you would think it was the same phone.

  2. Is it faster? The new phone features Apple’s A15 Bionic chipset, which is an improvement over the A14 in the iPhone 12. I have to say the speed is so marginal for regular users like me, and I would be remiss in saying the iPhone 12 wasn’t fast enough. If you check any Geekbench speed test, it will tell you there is a speed improvement.

  3. The most significant improvement is with the battery. I bought the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and it has the largest boost. I have seen a nice bump in daily use and the extra two hours of battery time is welcome. I think it is fair to say any new phone’s battery will perform better than an older phone's battery.

  4. No doubt, one of the most welcome improvements is with the camera. You will get better low-light pictures. You will get better optical zoom on the new camera. Overall, expect better pictures, but I have to say the iPhone 12 took spectacular pictures. My wife still marvels at how well the iPhone 11 performs when taking pictures.

Conclusion: Apple makes great hardware, and the iPhone is still their crowning achievement. I had every intention of waiting to purchase the iPhone 14 as I felt the iPhone 13 improvements were not enough for me to upgrade. Ultimately, I still think this to be the case as I have had this new phone for a few days now. If anything, I have learned to buy the insurance on your phone because life happens.

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