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This Robotic Vacuum Has a Killer Feature!

The Coral One Ultra is also a handheld

An overhead visual of the Coral One Ultra robotic vacuum/handheld.
The Coral One Ultra (media by JC)

In this article, I wanted to bring attention to the Coral One Ultra vacuum robot. Typically I am an iRobot Roomba supporter, as I have written in a few past articles. I wrote about Roomba’s latest model here:

The iRobot Roomba J7+ Revisited After a Few Months! Still Proving Its Worth Over Time!

So why the Coral One Ultra now? I was intrigued by one particular feature I hadn’t seen on a robotic vacuum until now. The unit can be switched over to a handheld vacuum like this:

It remains to be seen if this is a largely sought-after feature, but it is pretty unique in the market. I have a separate vacuum ready to go as a handheld, but if you're looking for a 2-in-1 option, this is your go-to unit!

After handheld conversion and using on piles of dirt.
Handheld (media by JC)

So how does the unit perform when put up against other robotic vacuums? Coral went a step further in transparency and compared the performance of their robotic vacuum against iRobot’s i7 model. See the results here:

Coral, an LA-based company, saw a niche for a robotic vacuum/handheld, and they filled this niche.

In Coral’s own words:

Coral is a human-centric robotics company, designing robots to enhance the everyday lives of people. We believe that purpose-driven robots empower everyone to achieve more.

Now let’s see if this niche is a successful one. Only time will tell!

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