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The Meyers Manx Resorter is a Nostalgic Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV)

Introducing the Meyers Manx Resorter- A Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV)

The electric vehicle revolution is well underway, and it’s taking over every aspect of transportation, including NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle). Meyers Manx has unveiled its latest creation, the all-electric version of their long wheelbase Resorter. Fully modernized, the Resorter NEV features an aluminum monocoque chassis underneath a reimagined take of the Manx’s signature dune buggy design language. If you are an electric vehicle enthusiast or a fan of innovative automobiles, then the Meyers Manx Resorter neighborhood electric vehicle is worth knowing about.

This is the second vehicle from Meyers Manx, as the original 2-seater dune buggy was an earlier topic of discussion at four times the power.

The Meyers Manx Resorter NEV: The Perfect Off-Road Electric Pickup The Meyers Manx Resorter NEV is the perfect road electric NEV for enthusiasts who love to explore scenic routes, make a trip to the local beach, or travel the typical city streets. The Resorter NEV features a twin-motor electric drivetrain that provides it with an impressive powertrain to handle all urban road conditions. The twin motors have a combined horsepower of 53 HP so you won’t be burning up the highways very soon. This particular vehicle will only reach a top speed of 25 mph. Ensuring it handles the occasional pothole, the Resorter has individual wheel suspension making the ride as smooth as possible. Not to be forgotten are the regenerative brakes to put every last bit of energy into the battery for extended range.

Practicality Meets Comfort with the Meyers Manx Resorter NEV The Resorter NEV now features a spacious four-seat layout, which adds practicality to the electric vehicle. You can now take your family or friends to the nearest corner store in comfort. In addition, the electric vehicle’s interior features luxurious and comfortable seats that will enable you to relax throughout the ride.

This particular vehicle comes equipped with air conditioning, heat, and power steering. Create a little more air conditioning of your own by removing the top and folding down the windshield.

Zero Emission Vehicle: The Future of Transportation The Meyers Manx Resorter NEV was designed with sustainability in mind. The all-new electric powertrain produces zero emissions, which is environmentally friendly. Choosing this electric vehicle over traditional gasoline engines helps to reduce harmful emissions, which contribute to global warming. Thus, when you buy a Meyers Manx Resorter NEV, you’re making a significant contribution to the fight against climate change.

A Modernized Take on the Meyers Manx Dune Buggy Design The Meyers Manx Resorter NEV is a classic representation of the original Meyers Manx dune buggy design. However, it’s a modernized version of the iconic design. It combines the timeless features of the classic dune buggy with modern updates to create an urban road vehicle to suit your preferences.

Is the Meyers Manx Resorter NEV Worth the Investment? The Meyers Manx Resorter NEV is a vehicle that has been designed for electric vehicle enthusiasts who want to make a statement. Hence, its price point is also on the higher side. You will be paying the steep price of $49,000 dollars for this head-turner. If you are an electric dune buggy enthusiast, the Meyers Manx Resorter NEV is worth the investment.


The Meyers Manx Resorter NEV is the perfect electric vehicle for riders who want to explore and have fun. The all-new electric powertrain, comfortable seating, and modernized dune buggy design combine perfectly to create a next-level adventure. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly, sustainable vehicle that makes a statement on the road, then the Meyers Manx Resorter NEV is the perfect electric vehicle for you.


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