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Hummingbird Flax: The Lightest Foldable Electric Bike is Made From Plants

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Introducing the Sustainable Hummingbird Flax Electric Foldable Bike!

The Electric Hummingbird Flax foldable bike is the first of its kind with a Flax frame. Yes, that's right, the bike frame is made using plant fibers rather than the typical carbon fiber we have all grown accustomed to. Better yet, the bike retains its durability and strength. So now a little more information on Flax from CFDA.COM.

Flax is a natural plant fiber. It is a bast fiber, which means it comes from the stem of a plant. Linen is made out of flax, though sometimes the term “linen” is used incorrectly to label fabrics of other fibers that have a similar look and feel.

A sustainable, Flax-based bike with a frame as durable as the carbon fiber that preceded it? Even more importantly, this e-bike weighs only 6.9kg (22 lbs). This is amazingly lightweight for an electric bike, which equates to an extremely portable option for city commuters. For this reason, my previous article will have to be updated to reflect this new Hummingbird option.

Hummingbird was founded in London, England, in 2015. In their own words:

What inspired us was a problem with no solution; no one was building the beautiful, high performance, lightweight electric folding bikes that we wanted to own.


As established by previous models, the Hummingbird is powered by an all-in-one system. It will power your ride with the help of the included 250W motor, built-in sensors, and battery, all within this rear hub (pictured below).

You can download the Bitride App, which will allow you to customize the assist settings, and monitor your speed and the battery using Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.

What this version of the Hummingbird has over the previous generation is 50% more torque. Couple this with a more extended range with regenerative braking (roughly 20%), and you will achieve over 50 km (31 miles) on a single charge. This will have to be done with pedal assist as there is no throttle on the Hummingbird. Make note the battery size is 158wH.

Now there is a remote control to change settings on-demand and engage the “boost” for a burst of speed or extra pedal assist in tackling even the steepest of hills. The maximum pedal assist is 25 km/hr (15.5 mph). They have updated the Active Electric Lock system providing added security.

You can expect to pay a starting price of USD $6021 for this super light e-bike. This is a hefty price to have the lightest electric bike in the world, but part of it is the premium one would pay to have a sustainable, made-to-order bike.

Additional Features:

  • Replaceable, built-in battery with 3000 cycles

  • 3-hour full charging time (the charger hooks directly to the rear wheel hub)

  • LED indicators

  • Ultra-light aluminum alloy wheelset

  • Quick-release tabs for easier wheel removal

  • High-performance Schwalbe Kojak with Kevlar bead tires with puncture protection and reflective band for high visibility

  • Hand-made in England, which means these are not off-the-shelf bikes. Expect to take delivery within 4 to 6 weeks of the order.


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