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The Graft E0.12 is a High-Performance Electric Motorbike

This Export From Taiwan is Extremely Powerful & Lightweight

If you’re one of those adrenaline junkies who love riding off-road motorcycles, this news is for you. Electric motorbikes are slowly catching up with their gasoline counterparts. Graft EV, located in New Taipei City, Taiwan, has the ultimate off-road electric dirt squirter — the EO.12. It looks like a Sur-Ron on steroids and promises to be an absolute monster on the trails. In this post, we’ll dive deeper into what the EO.12 is all about and what makes it stand out.

The EO.12 weighs as little as 50kg (110 lbs), including the battery, not much more than a typical ebike, but where it stands out is its power output. It is important to note that it makes 20 times as much power. Yes, you read that right — 20 times! It has a peak power output of 25kW or 33.5HP and can reach a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph).

One thing that makes the EO.12 unique is its suspension setup. It uses a combination of air suspension and linkage, allowing up to 220 mm of travel at the front and rear. The suspension can be easily adjusted to suit your riding style and terrain, making the EO.12 a versatile machine that can handle any off-road challenge.

Graft EV hasn’t skimped on the brakes, either. The EO.12 has powerful TRP DH-R EV 4 piston calipers at both ends, providing excellent stopping power even in wet and muddy conditions.

The EO.12’s frame is made from lightweight aluminum alloy, contributing to its low weight and agile handling. The design is inspired by motocross bikes and features a sleek, aggressive look that will turn heads on the trails. A majority of the weight reduction can be seen in the wheels.

These 21" wheels are comprised of carbon fiber instead of the typical aluminum, making them incredibly light.

The bike also has a 3" LED Touch Screen Display, which shows the Speedometer, Power, Torque, and Battery %.

Tell me about the maintenance

It is essential to note the EO.12 is a low-maintenance vehicle. There will be no air filter changes. You can skip the oil changes as this vehicle no longer requires them. This vehicle has a solid-state cooling system, meaning no radiator needs to be refilled, and no hosing needs to be mended or replaced. The little maintenance required includes applying anti-corrosion lubricant to the chain and keeping the bike clean.


The Graft EV EO.12 Factory Team Edition is an impressive machine that will excite off-road enthusiasts and electric vehicle fans alike. What is not exciting is the eye-opening $9000 price tag. Even more surprising is to know that Graft does not come with a battery or charging cable. You will need an extra $2,600 for an endurance battery (2.7 kWh) or $1,200 for the available race battery (1.3 kWh).

The endurance battery will provide a proposed 3 hours ride, whereas the race battery cuts down on the weight and will come in at less than 2 hours. These batteries are swappable and can be used across the Graft line of performance vehicles.

With its monster power output, long battery range, and versatile suspension setup, the EO.12 promises to be a game-changer in the off-road electric bike market. If you’re looking for a fun and eco-friendly way to hit the trails, the EO.12 is worth checking out!


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