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Thanksgiving and Time for Sharing?

Maybe, not to this extent!

Thanksgiving (Provided by Wix)

I discussed with a co-worker about family and the typical American Thanksgiving feast. As is the custom in the U.S, we generally pull together our extended families for togetherness and gluttony with our large meals. I, for one, love this time of year when the stores bypass Thanksgiving and cut right to Christmas as Thanksgiving is generally just a blip on the radar. (Yes, I am being facetious)

Typical Meal (Media by Wix)

My co-worker mentioned having a couple of family members continuously inviting themselves over for the Thanksgiving meal. She was fine, and even accepting of this, as it had become their typical method of operations. She and her immediate family were uncomfortable with their tendency to take all of the leftovers home. I made her clarify her remarks as I was taken aback after having heard them. She told me, “you heard me right; they take all of the remaining food home.” This trait has also become one of their most annoying quirks.

She went on to tell me how she would subtly pack all of the remaining food into containers and place it into the fridge. Her daughter-in-law will then, before leaving, go into the refrigerator and remove all of the food. My next question was whether they were having financial issues. She assured me this was not the case as her daughter-in-law and her husband’s son are very well off. Even if they asked for the leftovers, this would be a more acceptable situation. There is no asking, and it seems as if it is expected.

I asked if it was ever something they confronted them over. My co-worker stated both she and her husband knew it would cause turmoil within the family. They were afraid of the repercussions, so they would continue to look to other avenues to hold onto the leftovers this year. Her latest ploy is to invite everyone over the next day, “If they want leftovers.” She is hoping this will quell their need to empty her fridge. She can only hope!

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