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Revisiting My Battery-Powered Lawn Mower A Year Later!

Updated: May 5, 2023

Job Well Done, So Far!

Last year was a pretty eventful year for my family, and when we moved homes, specific tasks had to be performed. One such task I decided to take on was cutting our lawn instead of using a service. As I did not own any lawn equipment, it came down to purchasing gas or battery-powered equipment. I opted to take a chance and see what all the battery commotion was all about. I wrote about my choices here:

My initial thoughts on buying a battery-powered unit are the same thoughts that give electric car drivers anxiety. What will happen when I run out of battery? In the case of the typical car driver, they could potentially be stranded in the middle of nowhere. With a battery-powered lawnmower, you could be in the middle of a job and have to stop. Luckily that has not been the case in my experience, but it is essential to detail I have no less than five batteries within my Greenworks ecosystem.

First, you have to decide on the voltage, which I settled on 40v at the time. My main reason for this decision was the quantity of available lawn equipment compatible with the 40v option. This includes my blower, weed-trimmer, branch cutter, and recently added battery-powered snow shovel. Given the batteries are hot-swappable, it is as easy as pulling the battery out of one lawn tool and over to another. The batteries hold their charge for a few months, and I am supposed to get 2000 cycles out of each one.

The 40-volt lawnmower came with (2) batteries, and amongst the other equipment, I have no less than three additional. Early in the season, I can cut the entire lawn (roughly 1/2 acre). As the season progresses and the lawn starts to thrive, I can quickly cycle through a 3rd battery. This depends on how much I rely on the self-propelled feature and exactly how long the grass has gotten. I have a hilly decline going to my backyard, which stresses the mower when cutting uphill.

The unit is very portable and light which allows me to clean it quickly after each use. More importantly, it is well constructed. What I mean by this is I can manhandle the lawnmower, and it doesn’t fall apart. Couple this with instant-on battery power and a relatively low sound, and you have a very capable lawnmower.

Final thoughts:

I love the 21" clearing path, but am I selfish in wanting something wider?

The batteries still seem to be holding pretty firm on their overall range a year later. It helps to have multiple chargers ready to go. If you add additional equipment, make sure a few items come with chargers.

If you invest in additional batteries, buy the 40V 4ah version (pictured below) instead of the 40V 2ah. This will double your run time, and you will not be sorry! They also make a 6ah version, but the pricing gets pretty steep.

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