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Petvation-Automatic Smart Cat and Dog Doors Door

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Petvation- An Innovative and Smart Dog and Cat Door

Here is a gadget long in the making. A smart dog and cat door with built-in facial recognition. In short, your family’s pet has secure access to your home, and any other animal or unwanted visitor does not.

Perhaps you have heard some horror stories of someone coming home and finding another foreign animal in their house. In most cases, it is another cat or dog, but in extreme circumstances, it's a raccoon, squirrel, chicken, or coyote.

A video of an unwanted coyote visitor entering through a homeowner's doggy door.
Coyote Intruder (media by Julie Levine)

How about an alligator?

So Petvation saw the need to bring facial recognition to Dog/Cat doors for a good reason. Who wants to come home to a coyote or an alligator? Not unlike Apple’s face identification, Petvation will scan and store your pet’s facial features to properly identify the animal when near the door.

Even more important, the door can properly identify your pets at night with the included 120-degree camera equipped with infra-red capabilities.

In addition to technology that will recognize your dog or cat, the door is constructed of durable materials. Plastic is out, and durable aluminum alloy will keep this door working for the long haul. Don’t worry; they have limited the sound coming from the door to around 45db, or the average amount of room noise.

It is also important to note that Petvation is enhanced with anti-pinch technology. The unit goes through a multi-stage checklist to ensure the dog or cat will not be pinched/shut into the door while entering or exiting. The first stage is motion tracking of the pet and closing the door once the animal is clear. The second stage is the anti-pinch 3-D light scanner. This stage ensures the animal’s tail has cleared the door. The last stage is a self-diagnosis mode in which an internal checklist is verified against itself. If there is an anomaly, the door will remain in its current state. Again, the pet is the number one concern and shouldn’t be affected by the door.

These safety stages ensure your dog/cat can enter or leave without worry.

Not to be unexpected, but Petvation is also application driven. The door can be manually opened or closed from anywhere within the world. You can also set up schedules and curfews, monitor the system, or even receive notifications. Depending on your dog or cat's activity, this could become a nuisance. You may wish to limit the alerts you receive on a given day!

The Petvation is available through Kickstarter for $169, and the estimated delivery is October 2022. Until then, you are on your own to keep out the coyotes!

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