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Move Over Dyson and Meet the Tineco Pure One Cordless Vacuum!

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

The Tineco Cordless Vacuum is Intelligent Addition to my Home

An Iphone screen grab of the Tineco Pure One S12V vacuum.

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The last two years have been a whirlwind in everyones’ lives and households. As expected, greater attention has been spent keeping the home clean and tidy. With that being said, I spent a good deal of time bringing “Smart” into my house to make things as simple as possible. (You could probably gather as much based on the countless articles written about my “Smart” endeavors)

This article focuses on a piece of equipment I purchased last year that my family uses daily. You can call it intelligent, portable, and efficient, but more importantly, call it useful and necessary. The Tineco cordless vacuum is called the Pure One S12 Series, of which I purchased their S12V. Their entire line ranges from $320 to $699 based on your functional needs.

A hanging Tineco S12 Pure one battery powered vacuum.

Tineco calls this a “Smart” vacuum for a variety of reasons. One such reason is that the unit will adjust its suction automatically based on the real-time dirt and dust it detects. I can attest to the real-time situations as the suction will increase in “hot” spots, which generally revolve around our kitchen floor. Countless crumbs constantly put this vacuum through its paces.

Second, Tineco has optimized battery management within the unit. Overall, we are happy with the battery, given we use it daily and sometimes multiple times for shorter periods. If you aren’t using the boost, the vacuum will last an entire house cleaning during longer cleaning times.

Using the Tineco S12 Pure One vacuum on dark hardwood floors.

The third reason they consider this “Smart” is their noise control. The vacuum isn’t loud, and I think this does not make a vacuum smart. It makes it marketable. At its loudest, in boost mode, it is more than acceptable.

I have mentioned boost mode a few times to bring special attention. You will get roughly 19 straight minutes of power at its highest intensity when in boost (beast) mode. I love the energy this baby delivers. So much so in some cases, it is hard to move the vacuum. I rely on this mode heavily when cleaning up after my kids after a meal in the kitchen. Nineteen minutes is an ample amount of time to clean a kitchen.

Screen grab of the Tineco S12 Pure One vacuum application.

Screengrab of Tineco Application (media by JC)

The fourth reason Tineco calls this vacuum smart is its obligatory application management system. You have real-time data on your phone (Pictured) stating your battery time, how full the dustbin is, and whether your prefilter needs to be cleaned.

Tineco refers to the cleaning of the prefilter as “Smart” cleaning as it is wet-free. Call this smart feature number five. It involves placing the prefilter into an attachment that affixes to the vacuum. You manually rotate the prefilter in the attachment as you engage the vacuum to suck it clean. Don’t worry; Tineco supplies you with an extra prefilter to turn throughout the process.

A typical Dyson cordless vacuum.

Typical Dyson (media by JC)

Take all these “Smart” features, and what do you have? You have a vacuum on par with the ever-popular Dyson, which I also have experience with (pictured). Dyson made this segment very popular, but they also made it very expensive. The Tineco line of vacuums is more reasonable in price but is not lacking in performance.

Overall, I would say our household is delighted with our purchase. This “Smart” vacuum does what we expect it to do. It works well on our dark hardwood floors without harming them and performs admirably on our upstairs carpeting. This vacuum cleans up the messes we manually steer it towards. Pair this with the multiple Roombas we have throughout our house, and we can keep this household clean.

A converted Tineco S12 vacuum into its smaller portable size.

Converted to handheld (Media by JC)

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