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Meet the eDumper: The Largest Electric Vehicle in the World

Built to Haul Loads Using Its Own Energy

Have you ever heard of the world’s largest electric vehicle? It’s called the ‘eDumper,’ a converted Komatsu 605–7 HD dump truck. This massive truck relies almost exclusively on energy produced by its braking system, requiring only minimal recharging. Its maiden voyage was in 2018 at a quarry in Switzerland, and it has been gaining traction with enthusiasts ever since! Let’s take a look at this fantastic vehicle and how it works.

How Does It Work? The diesel engine of the eDumper was replaced with an electric motor and four giant battery blocks that can store up to 710kWh of energy. The eDumper has an advanced regenerative braking system that takes advantage of the kinetic energy created when slowing down or stopping the vehicle. This means that instead of releasing all that energy into the atmosphere, it is stored and reused as much as possible. It is generating its energy while driving, making this truck incredibly efficient. Additionally, due to its massive battery pack, this truck can travel up to 86 kilometers on a single charge! That isn’t too shabby for such a big vehicle.

In addition to being energy efficient, the eDumper is cost-effective compared to other trucks of similar size and weight. For example, compared to a conventional diesel-powered truck, the eDumper is around 30 percent cheaper in operating costs — not bad! Maintenance costs are next to nil with the absence of any wearing parts. Plus, since this truck produces no emissions, it is much more environmentally friendly than traditional diesel trucks.

What Makes It Unique? Aside from being one of the biggest electric vehicles today, its intelligent operation system sets the eDumper apart from other vehicles. This system links all aspects of the truck to work more efficiently as one cohesive unit. This includes monitoring load weight distribution and handling rugged terrain while always ensuring optimal performance regardless of conditions — allowing drivers to trust their vehicle even in challenging situations.

What Are The Benefits? The benefits offered by the eDumper are numerous; as we’ve already mentioned, it produces zero emissions and requires very little charging due to its ability to generate high currents of power from braking alone. Additionally, this truck is much quieter than traditional diesel-powered vehicles, which means it can be used in areas where noise pollution may be an issue, such as residential neighborhoods or near schools and hospitals. Moreover, storing up 710kWh of energy allows for longer trips without having to stop for recharging, which makes this truck even more efficient! Finally, since this electric vehicle only needs minimal maintenance compared to other trucks of similar size and weight, it can save companies money on upkeep costs over time.


Overall, the eDumper is an amazing feat of engineering that demonstrates how far we have come in terms of electric vehicle technology over recent years. It offers industry professionals reliable performance with higher levels of efficiency than traditional diesel-powered vehicles making it an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient solution for their business needs. Are you ready to join the revolution? Check out an eDumper today!


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