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Maybe There is Something to This “Writing” Thing!

I Found Something That Was Missing!

I was a salesman by trade, but I wasn’t satisfied. Our shortcomings had clipped my wings! We had reached capacity with no signs of improvements. I was no longer allowed to bring on new customers. Something was missing, and I needed to find out exactly what that was. It was at this time I started to write, and write I did. It was as if the floodgates had opened. I was writing about relationships, traveling, work experiences, technology, and countless other things. It turns out I had a lot to say. Now don’t get me wrong, these are not all Shakespearean works of art. Most were utter nonsense, but it stirred something within me.

We live in the time of the “Great Resignation.” The pandemic has brought on a trend of people taking stock in their life and leaving jobs to find fulfillment elsewhere. I have heard countless stories of people leaving their job and discovering a whole new world out there. With this line of thought, I can truly empathize. Something was missing, and writing seemed to fill the void. So I will continue to write and share those writings which stir some amount of passion in me. I will not promise they will all be diamonds, but they will have “life” threaded throughout.

Write Like the Wind

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