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Itselectric Brings Electric Vehicle Charging to the Masses

Charging Accessibility for Urban Dwellers

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as an environmentally friendly alternative to gas-guzzling cars. However, one of the biggest obstacles to their widespread use is the lack of accessible charging infrastructure, particularly in urban areas. Itselectric INC, a Brooklyn-based company, aims to change that with its innovative charging technology that can be easily installed in places where traditional chargers wouldn’t work. In this article post, we’ll look closely at Itselectric and how this startup makes EV charging more accessible for city dwellers.

It’s no secret that the traditional approach to EV charging is geared toward drivers taking longer trips. Most charging stations are along highways and major roads, leaving urban areas underserved. Itselectric recognized this gap and developed a sleek, low-profile, level 2 charging station making it much easier to install in dense urban areas. Even more exciting is the thought of earning passive income to the tune of $1,000 annually. Property owners could participate in income sharing, and as electric vehicle adoption grows, so would the passive income.

Another advantage of Itselectric’s charging solution is its versatility. It can be mounted on almost any surface, including walls, poles, and street furniture. Itselectric can provide EV charging options in areas where traditional chargers wouldn’t fit. For example, the company has partnered with landlords and parking operators to install charging stations in garages and parking lots, providing access to EV charging for tenants and customers.

The charging terminals are incredibly simplistic, having no cables or view screens. For those who become part of the Itselectric network, the company will send a charging cable to you same-day. That cord is registered to your account, allowing you to park, plug, and charge.

Finally, Itselectric’s charging solutions are cheaper than traditional options. One of the biggest challenges for renters who own EVs is convincing their landlords to install charging stations. Itselectric’s technology solves this problem by making it easier and more cost-effective for landlords to install charging infrastructure. Providing a turnkey solution that doesn’t require extensive electrical work, Itselectric is making it easier for landlords to offer EV charging to tenants.

Another benefit of Itselectric’s charging technology is its integration with smart city infrastructure. As more cities embrace the concept of smart cities, Itselectric’s technology can help make EVs an integral part of those ecosystems. Using sensors and data analytics, Itselectric can provide real-time monitoring of charging stations, help manage charging demand, and even support dynamic pricing models.


Itselectric is an innovative startup that is changing the game when it comes to EV charging infrastructure. By developing a compact and versatile charging solution that can be easily installed in urban areas, the company is making it easier for city dwellers to adopt EVs. Its technology also solves the problem of charging infrastructure for renters and integrating it with smart city infrastructure. As more and more people switch to EVs, companies like Itselectric will be critical in ensuring we have the infrastructure in place to support this transition.

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