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Introducing the Rainstick Smart Shower

Updated: Feb 9

Sustainability and Innovation Starts With the Rainstick Smart Shower

Are you looking for a revolutionary way to reduce water and energy usage while improving your shower experience? Look no further than the Rainstick smart shower, designed by a Canadian startup of the same name. This innovative technology captures, cleans, and reuses shower water up to six times during your showering session, drastically reducing the amount of water and energy used.

How It Works The Rainstick is a recirculating shower that captures, cleanses, and reuses the same water up to six times throughout a 10-minute cleaning experience. While taking a traditional 10-minute shower uses 26 gallons of water, this revolutionary system reduces that to five gallons! Additionally, it is designed to double the pressure of a conventional shower from 1.8gpm to 3gpm for a better experience overall. Not to worry- the Rainstick can be operated in traditional shower mode should the need arise.

The Rainstick has a three-stage system starting with a micron screen to filter out hair, dirt, and sand. The second step involves using UV light to kill viruses or bacteria. Additional fresh water is added to the system for extra shampoo or soap.

This Wi-Fi-enabled smart shower can be monitored using the phone application providing real-time water and energy-saving results.

The application will also alert you as to when the Rainstick’s cleaning solution needs to be replenished.

Because the shower is WIFI-enabled, you can start the shower remotely or even use Alexa or Siri to adjust the settings.

Setup The Rainstick comes preassembled and is delivered like a typical appliance, along with a reservoir that must be installed into a tile shower floor. It can easily be connected to existing plumbing systems — no plumber is required, but it is certainly optional.

Benefits This system saves 80% of the energy used to heat shower water and significantly reduces waste by reusing the same water multiple times during one session. Plus, it feels great, too — doubling the pressure of conventional showers means an extra luxurious experience every time you step into your bathroom!

Conclusion: The Rainstick system provides an excellent solution for those looking to significantly reduce their water and energy consumption without sacrificing quality or comfort. The only downside is that it is pretty pricey — more than $4,800 — but it could be worth it to save both energy and money in the long run.

Not only does this revolutionary technology help to conserve natural resources — but it also gives you an improved shower experience! If you’ve been considering upgrading your bathtime routine with something more sustainable (and comfortable), then the Rainstick system is your solution.

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