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Introducing the Bird Buddy AI-Powered Bird Feeder

It Took Two Years For Me To Receive This High Powered AI-Bird Feeder

Birds have always been fascinating creatures, but getting up close and personal with them is often tricky. I was excited to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign back in April 2021 for a Bird Buddy project. After many delays and almost two years of waiting, I’m happy to announce that I received my unit, bringing my bird experience closer to home! This post will discuss the Bird Buddy, its features, and why it is a crucial nature innovation. I will write a companion piece discussing my experience with it and share some incredible pictures taken.

What is Bird Buddy? Bird Buddy is a birdhouse designed to offer bird watchers an up-close view of their habitats. It has several unique features, such as a large viewing window and adjustable feeders. The idea behind this product was to bring people closer to nature by giving them an intimate look into the lives of these beautiful creatures. The bird feeder is battery-powered and WIFI-connected, with alerts sent to the accompanying Bird Buddy smartphone application.

The Benefits of Bird Buddy The most obvious benefit of using Bird Buddy is that it allows people to observe birds in their natural habitat without disturbing them. This can be highly beneficial for researchers trying to gain insights into different species or bird lovers like me who want to admire these animals from afar.

Diving deeper into the benefits of Bird Buddy is the growing bird database across the entire Bird Buddy community. You can see the pictures taken amongst the community of various birds. Not only does the Bird Buddy identify the bird, but it also catalogs them and shares them with the growing Bird Buddy community. The software can correctly identify up to 1000 birds as of this writing and is constantly being updated.

Additionally, having a birdhouse equipped with adjustable feeders means you can easily control how much food you provide for your feathered friends. This makes providing birds with a safe and nutrient-rich environment easier while encouraging them to visit regularly. Are you looking to add suet to attract other birds? There is an option for you:

How Much For The Bird Buddy? The Bird Buddy comes in at $199 and is available in two colors. It includes the feeder, the AI-Camera inset, a scoop to fill the feeder, a metal hanger (originally, this was rope), and a universal mount with screws.

Conclusion: I’m thrilled that Bird Buddy could successfully fund and finally manufacture its crowdfunding campaign after almost two years of waiting! I believe any nature lover or researcher would benefit greatly from owning a Bird Buddy birdhouse since it provides many unique features that make observing birds up close easier than ever! With this product on the market, there’s never been a better time than now to connect with nature through your backyard!


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