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Check Out Bunch Bikes Original 4 Electric Cargo Box Bike

Updated: Apr 17

The Bunch Bike Original 4 Electric Cargo Bike is Great For Families

Are you in the market for a family adventure like none other? Typically, you load up the car or minivan and venture off to the nearest excursion. Even more typical is that it might be just a few miles away, and you waste a car ride and gas to get from point A to point b. What if you could still traverse this distance but use something more economical and fun? Look no further than the Original 4 Electric Cargo Box Bike from Bunch Bikes.

This three-wheel wonder isn’t simply a means of transportation; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Immerse yourself in the latest offering from a pioneer in the electric cargo bike industry, and understand why it’s not just a purchase but an investment in the joy of your family and sustainability.

Saddle Up with Innovation and Practicality

The real beauty of this electric cargo bike is in the cargo area. Imagine pedaling with your kids or pets aboard, with the wind in your hair, and on a bike that embodies the harmony of form and function. Bunch Bikes was born from Aaron Powell's visionary zeal, catalyzed by a Swedish biking ethos witnessed during a family expedition some years ago. Bikes like these are ubiquitous in Europe, and Aaron’s goal was to bring these bikes to the United States. The philosophy behind the latest model stems from Aaron’s core beliefs in family time, health, and sustainability. The Original 4 is not just electrically powered; it’s a conduit for memorable escapades and a commitment to environment-friendly mobility.

Unveiling the Original 4.0 Cargo Box Bike

At the heart of the 4 lies a careful evolution of design and technology, all aimed at elevating the family biking experience. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Enhanced Safety and Control: When carrying the added weight of precious cargo, it is vital that you can stop suddenly and without hesitation. The 4 debuts an improved braking system, ensuring a swift and secure stop with larger rotors and pads. The adjustable parking brake now offers finer control when stationed.

  • Revamped Electric Assist System: You'll glide effortlessly with the latest assist system. Adding a torque sensor promises a more natural riding experience, while the upgraded throttle gives you the option for a full PowerBoost.

  • Customizable and Comfortable: The adjustable seat and handlebars allow you to tailor the bike to your comfort.

  • Smart Firmware Updates: With the new firmware, you now have more flexibility in selecting power assist levels. Ride smarter with added features that keep you in control of your electric experience.

The Bunch Bikes Paradigm

Bunch Bikes isn’t just about selling a product; it’s about offering a lifestyle. The company resonates with eco-conscious consumers seeking a balance between function and a sustainable footprint. The electric support system on the 4 simplifies uphill treks with your family and speaks volumes about your dedication to a greener existence.

The Bunch Bikes Advantage

The Original 4.0 balances performance and value with a comprehensive package that exceeds every family’s biking needs. Depending on how heavy you are on the pedal assist and throttle, you can expect a range of 20 to 30 miles. The speed of the Original 4 tops off at 20mph, ensuring you get to your destination in a timely fashion. The powerful 48V battery that powers the 500W rear-hub motor makes all this possible. The LCD control panel can access all of the bike’s settings.

First and foremost, the Original 4 is a cargo bike. The real standout is the high-quality box, which makes this trike a passenger bike. The cargo area is rated for loads as heavy as 220 lbs, with the bike's overall carrying load maxing out at 350 lbs. The seating layout is simple, with room for two in the back and two more in the front. Note: Seating restraints are a must for excited kids.

The frame and panel design offer maximum stability and security for your precious cargo, whether kids, groceries, or even your furry friend.

The outside of the box and frame have easy in and out steps.

Bunch Bikes understands safety is a top priority when biking with your family. The bike also features an integrated front light and rear reflectors for visibility during low-light conditions.


The need for more bikes like this is growing as consumers look for ways to limit the short distances traveled in gas-guzzling cars. The Model 4 costs $5,599, including shipping, and is available in various colors. Once you receive your bike, you will be happy to know it has been fully assembled and has a full battery, meaning you can head out on your first ride almost immediately. You will have to unbox it first.

Don’t worry—the company offers many accessories, including a cargo cover, to ensure your groceries or passengers don't get wet. If you are the driver, don’t forget your raincoat.

Experience the unbeatable combination of form, function, and family fun. Leap with Bunch Bikes Original 4 electric cargo bike, and start an adventure as unique and unforgettable as the memories you’ll create. Family moments and outdoor joy await; take the first step with Bunch Bikes.


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