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Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Illinois Tech AKA Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology, or Illinois Tech for short, is based in the global metropolis of Chicago, Illinois. Illinois Tech is a private institution that was established over 130 years ago in 1890. The 120-acre Illinois Tech main campus, known as Mies Campus, is centered around 33rd and State Streets in the heart of Chicago. The campus structure starts with Mies, followed by Conviser Law Center, Daniel F., and Ada L. Rice Campus, and finally Moffett Campus.

Illinois Tech is divided into five colleges (College of Computing, Armour College of Engineering, Lewis College of Science and Letters, College of Architecture, Chicago-Kent College of Law), an institute (Institute of Design), one school (Stuart School of Business), and a number of research centers, some of which provide academic programs independent of the other academic units. While many maintain undergraduate programs, some only offer graduate or certificate programs.


Illinois Tech offers the following programs culminating in a degree upon graduating:

  1. Pursue a degree in engineering, science degree, architecture degree, and business degree, as well as degrees in design, human sciences, applied technology, and law. In the words of the Illinois Institute of Technology, they are looking

To provide distinctive and relevant education in an environment of scientific, technological, and professional knowledge creation and innovation.

The main focus of Illinois Tech is preparing the graduating student for a career that focuses on solving humanities problems. Making the jump from student to professional is the number one goal of each tailored academic program. Illinois Institute of Technology boasts of being the only technical-focused university in the Chicago area.


Illinois Tech welcomes undergraduate students, transfer students, international students as well as graduate admission and is the first step in a journey to prepare, learn, flourish and succeed. An interesting note: More than half of Illinois Tech graduate students call a country other than the United States their home.

Transfer Students: In the eyes of IIT a transfer student is defined as those students who are currently attending a college or university or who have earned college credit after finishing high school. IIT considers all students who fit either of these criteria to be transfer students, regardless of the amount of credit completed. Each year transfer students make up approximately 30 percent of Illinois Tech’s incoming class.

The current undergraduate admission enrollment on campus is roughly 3200 students, with a total enrollment exceeding 6200 students. First-year students are welcome for campus visits and hall tours to ensure this is the life for them.

IIT Admissions

It is important for any aspiring student to know IIT is pretty selective, with an acceptance rate of 61%. In addition to a high GPA, the student’s class rank will also play a heavy factor in admission. Not to be overlooked, the average student SAT test scores fall between 1200 and 1390, with student ACT scores between 26 and 32.

So, where does Illinois Tech rank in terms of colleges and universities? According to US News Illinois Institute of Technology is ranked #122 among National Universities and #86 in the best undergraduate engineering program.

So what defines a first-year student? These are students who are currently enrolled in high school or have completed high school and have not attended a college or university outside of their high school experience. Sometimes first-year students are also referred to as freshmen regardless of their class standing upon entering the university. In general, students who take college courses during high school but are considered students at their high school also fall into this first-year students category.

IIT understands that college and universities are defining moments in a student’s academic career. What better way to open the student experience than becoming part of a community of people who discover, create, and achieve?

IIT admissions begin with the undergraduate admission and aid menu, which is also the first step in submitting your application. Start by perusing the web links and start to open the resources to get a feel for what IIT has to offer:

  1. Open the main menu

  2. Open the search panel

  3. Peruse the resources for menu

  4. Student experience menu

  5. Open the academics menu

  6. Open the research menu

  7. Open the About menu

  8. If there is a search term or keyword you are looking for, type it into the search bar.

If accessing the IIT website on your portable device, follow the navigation links on mobile. Also make note of the available IIT application available for download. The IIT application is iPhone and Android compatible.

This is the start of taking the first step toward obtaining a degree from Illinois Tech. Illinois institute of technology boasts an impressive list of 80,000 alumni

Tuition: If you are a new Undergraduate Student or a Graduate student, you can open the admission link supplied here for more detailed student rates.

Learn more about the transfer program here


Student Testimonials: When a recent graduate was asked about life at IIT his response was, “The students at IIT are absolute nerds, and we all say that with pride.” The students study hard and soak up the diversity of the campus. Also of note at IIT is the heavy male demographic.

General Information

IIT welcomes you to join the numerous student organizations available on campus, including religious groups, academic groups, and student activity groups.

Apply today/ Visit us online or on campus! Visit us in Chicago! More importantly, Visits and Tours are available.

Illinois Tech can be found at 10 west 35th street, Chicago, IL 60616. We would like nothing more than possible new students to join our community and pursue a worthwhile education.

Come to Chicago and contact us during normal office hours at 312.567.3000. Only then can you discover, create and solve those future problems humanity and the world will be faced with! IIT will prepare you for your career! Please contact us for more information either online or in person.

Also, visit our social media links here.

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