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Finding Unexpected Success on a Trip to Florida

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

One Friends Success Story

This past weekend I was dining at a local establishment, and such was often the case I ran into my friend Chris. Chris and I worked together in the ’90s, and as the years rolled by, our paths diverged. Sometimes small amounts of time, sometimes more significant amounts of time passed before we connected again. Luckily the two of us look the same and still remember each other.

Serving Food

Chris liked the variety and hated stagnation. His mind worked a mile a minute when we worked together. He was a job hopper which was demonstrated by the number of restaurants in his resume. I can’t tell you how often my wife would say to me who she “ran into” at a lunch meeting. It seemed to happen frequently, and as luck would have it, the same happened this past weekend. Chris was at one of our favorite pizza haunts, and he was sure to come over and “Catch up.” I mentioned to him this was one of the few times we met in public where he wasn’t working at the restaurant we connected.

On a leisure trip to Florida, he was tasked to film a friend’s house. For as long as I can remember, Chris has been interested in media, specifically filming and editing. This fit right in his comfort zone, and he was able to turn this into a business. First came filming of luxury houses for sale, and as is often the case, another opportunity came his way. It runs out many of the people he was filming real estate for, also had businesses and corporations with media needs. Business promotion was also a hot commodity as local companies were looking for different avenues. Chris is filming these companies at ground level and in the air as a certified drone pilot.

Drone Camera

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