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Destination Michigan! Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Another Fun Excursion in Michigan Starts with Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad

A wreath situated on the side of a passenger rail car.
Train Car at Huckleberry Railroad (media by JC)

Our family was looking forward to another visit to one of Michigan’s hidden gems, Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad. It had been quite some time since our last visit, and there is always something so appealing about taking a train ride during the days following Thanksgiving and leading into Christmas.

A view of Crossroad Village main street during the Christmas holiday
Crossroad Village Main Street (media by JC)

This destination is located in Genessee County near Flint, Michigan. Crossroads Village is comprised of (34)19th century restored buildings. They like to refer to this area as a “living museum,” It often draws comparisons to another well-known Michigan destination, Greenfield Village. The buildings in Crossroad Village consist of a General Story, Barbershop, Candy Shop, Cider Mill, and Grist Mill, to name a few. By the way, a Grist Mill is another name for a Flour Mill!

Coal powered Huckleberry Railroad steam engine pulling a couple of railcars.
Huckleberry Railroad (Media by Jeff Clos)

The real draw to this location is the Huckleberry Railroad. Envision taking a ride on a 100-year-old steam engine train on the edge of Mott Lake and through a sleepy nearby town. The entire loop of 15 miles takes about 40 minutes. We had a 4:10 reservation, and we had the bonus of arriving just after a recent snowfall adding to the Christmas atmosphere. The train is adorned with Christmas decorations, as is the scenery along the railway.

The Huckleberry Railroad Caboose decorated in Christmas decorations.
Decorated Caboose (media by JC)

The kids are always hyped to see a waving Santa Claus and his sleigh a quarter of the way through our trip. Christmas music is piping throughout the railcars, and you can sing along to the 12 Day of Christmas near the halfway point. Lit-up decorations along the way for each particular day (i.e., 2 Turtle Doves) highlight each song verse. Personally, not my favorite song, but the kids love it. Not to be a Scrooge, but I also could do with a little less “Feliz Navidad” as well.

Back in the village, we make the required stop at the carousel attraction. I am always amazed at the speed of this thing, which is significantly faster compared to the ones our kids have ridden over the years. I remember having to stand by my son’s side years ago to ensure he wouldn’t eject from the horse. Luckily, both kids are old enough to ride by themselves now.

A wide angle view of a carousel know for its high speed.
Supersonic Carousel (media by JC)

As you wander through the village taking in the holiday delights, make sure to stop in to see the working model trains. There is an entire building dedicated to this, and it allows you to warm up if it is cold out. Back outside, take in all of the Christmas decorations along with this well-lit tree. I am always amazed by the dedication to covering every inch of bark in these lights. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

A very well-lit outdoors Christmas Tree.
Light Adorned Tree (media by JC)

Now and then, you might run into this guy. He is not as bad as they say because he was handing out kisses (From his basket)

A dressed-for-Christmas Grinch with basket of Hershey’s Kisses.
The Crossroad Village Grinch (media by JC)

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