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Civilized Cycles Model 1 Electric Bike is the Ultimate Commuter

Change Your Commuting Game With the Civilized Cycles Model 1 Electric Bike

Based on design alone, Civilized Cycles Model 1 had me intrigued. The company's promise of having the "most innovative ebike" was a bonus to delve deeper into whether the advanced technological features made it even more appealing.

First of all, let's talk a little further about Civilized Cycles. This New York-based company, Brooklyn, to be more exact, was founded by Zachary Schieffelin, and the Vespa heavily influences its bikes, as you can tell from its design. I should know because I wrote about one last year.

Civilized Cycles Model 1 electric bike has the looks of a Vespa, which catches the eye. It's the only electric bike on the market that looks like it's meant to be ridden by two people instead of one. It also features dual built-in hard-side pannier bags, perfect for carrying your belongings. Here is a closer look at what I believe is a significant feature.

This illustrates the possibilities even further.

These integrated panniers give the bike most of its unique look and have locking capabilities. They are water-resistant with a 20-liter capacity closed, and 80 liters (or one medium-sized dog) expanded. You can store up to 25 lbs (total of 50 lbs combined) on either side.

Now let's talk about the technology. The Model 1 electric bike has a powerful 750W mid-drive motor and can reach up to 28 mph. To complement the bike's power is a patented AirTech™ pneumatic rear suspension system that automatically adjusts to your weight and weight distribution, making for a smooth and comfortable ride. Couple this with a front suspension fork, and you are covered on both fronts (front and back, that is). This feature is essential for those who ride over uneven terrain on our commutes.

Another thing that impressed me about this bike is the integrated headlight, taillight, and turn signals. You won't need to worry about attaching any of these things separately because they're already built into the bike. Taking the headlight a step further, Civilized made it auto-dimming so as not to blind oncoming traffic. You'll be safer while riding since other drivers and cyclists can see you. (I wonder how bright it is in person to begin with.)

The riding experience suggests the Model 1 electric bike is incredibly smooth and quiet. It's perfect for commuters who want to avoid the noise and hassle of public transportation. Plus, you won't have to worry about getting sweaty since the motor can make you feel like you're barely pedaling. The step-through design ensures easy on and off of the bike, and you won't get your pants dirty as the powertrain is fully enclosed. The bike is sturdy and can hold up to two adults and cargo, making it an excellent option for commuters.


If you're looking for a new way to commute that is both environmentally friendly and fun, consider the Civilized Cycles Model 1 electric bike. You can pick up this game-changer for $4,999 in the colors of black, red, and silver. It’s a small price to pay for those who wish to make their lives easier while still being able to ride a bike. The unique design, advanced technology, and riding experience could make it an excellent investment for anyone passionate about electric vehicles.


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