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Atmos Gear Brings the Speed on Three Wheels

We Finally Have Motorized Inline Skates!

If you’ve ever felt the thrill of skating down the street at blazing speeds, then you’ll be delighted to know that Atmos Gear has finally introduced the world to motorized inline skates. I, for one, would like to know what took so long. I guarantee this would have been at the top of my list of things to buy when I was younger, but I digress. These first-of-their-kind electric skates will make your commute all the more enjoyable.

How it Works The Atmos Gear, Motorized Inline Skates, contains two independent motors in each skate, with the latest iteration placing them in the center wheels. The skates will function as standard inline skates until the motors are engaged by the ergonomic wireless remote (pictured below). You can accelerate, slow down and brake at the touch of a button.

The powerful dual motors give riders plenty of torque to tackle an incline of roughly 20 degrees. Adding to that is excellent acceleration, allowing them to quickly reach maximum speeds of 20mph. Plus, they can go up to 20 miles on a single charge! And don’t worry about having to constantly recharge your skates, as they come with quick-charging batteries for convenience. A full charge can be achieved in one hour.

Safety Features In addition to being exciting and fun, these electric skates prioritize safety above all else. They feature a regenerative braking system and mechanical brakes for reliable stopping power. Plus, they come with LED lights so you can stay visible while skating after dark. They also have anti-slip pads on the bottom of each skate, so you won’t have any issues keeping your footing while riding at high speeds.

Highly Customizable Atmos Gear knows that everyone is different and that customization is essential to providing the best possible experience for its customers. That’s why their motorized inline skates are highly customizable — from adjustable wheel sizes to swappable battery packs so you can extend your range up to 50 miles! There is also an option to buy just the frames so you can attach them to any compatible boot.

Plus, several color options are available to customize your look too!

The battery and wires are in a waterproof bag (fanny pack) carried around your waste.

The wires then attach to the skates supplying the power needed to power the center wheels. The excess wire runs behind your legs and up to the battery bag.

And away you go!

Conclusion: How much can you expect to pay for this fun option? The price tag comes in at $500. Assuming you get your order in now, you could have these in time for summer (May). Ultimately, Atmos Gear has stepped up its game and created something unique with its motorized inline skates — something that could revolutionize how people get around in cities or have fun outdoors! Whether you’re an avid rollerblader or want something new and exciting, these electric skates offer a thrilling ride that will make everyday outings much more enjoyable! Get ready to cruise on Atmos Gear’s Motorized Inline Skates!


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