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A Recumbent Hydrofoiling Kayak?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The Jetcycle Max: Another Watercraft Innovation

I am always amazed when a new form of transportation is introduced to the masses. For example, hydrofoiling isn’t that new, but a company like Jetcycle has found yet another way to utilize it “recumbent-style.” I have looked at hydrofoiling boats like the Quadrofoil:

and foiling surfboards like this eFoil:

Now we have a kayak-style means of foiling transportation. Manufactured and designed in France, the Jetcycle Max is an innovative, eco-friendly, and 100% human-powered single-seat foiling boat for leisure, sport, and mobility.

How It Works The Jetcycle Max uses a hydrofoil system to lift the hull out of the water at an average speed of 5.6mph, which reduces drag and makes for a much more efficient ride. The foils can also be adjusted to change the ride characteristics of the Jetcycle Max, for example, making it more stable or faster.

The hull of the Jetcycle Max is made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), which makes it both strong and lightweight. The seat and pedals are adjustable for different rider sizes, and an optional headrest is available. CFRP is also used for the hydrofoils, which are attached to the hull with marine-grade stainless steel hardware. The hydrofoils can be removed for storage or transportation.

As mentioned, the Jetcycle Max relies solely on human power instead of electricity. As the rider pedals, the power is transferred to the patented variable-pitch propeller under the hull. The rider’s power is transferred through an efficiency-optimized Gates belt drivetrain with components routed internally through the keel.

Performance And Specifications The hull has a width of 2.6 feet and a length of 11.5 feet. The package, including foils, weighs around 77 pounds (35 kg).

Conclusion: If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to get around that relies solely on pedaling, then you should check out the Jetcycle Max! You can expect to shell out just shy of $12,000 for this fine piece of equipment, which is no small amount. With its innovative hydrofoil system, this human-powered vessel can reach decent speeds based on the amount of power you provide while effortlessly gliding across any body of water. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely way to enjoy your favorite lake or river, or you need a quick and efficient way to get around town, the Jetcycle Max is worth checking out!


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