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A "Painful" Trip to the Dentist

In More Ways than One

I like my dentist’s office! They do a pretty thorough job and generally inflict as little pain as necessary. The office is clean, the personnel is friendly, and it seems to be a pleasant atmosphere most of the time.

A very happy family with extremely white teeth

The Wall Picture

Here is what I don’t like, I don’t like the same pictures of “supposed” patients up on the wall. These happy-go-lucky, extremely white teethed, beautiful people are trying to sell the idea of the dentist. We aren’t your audience as our ‘butts” are already in the seat. Also, the kids in the picture are not kids anymore, as these pictures have been on the wall for years now. Time to change them up, please.

A May 2022 calendar.

May 2022

I wouldn’t say I like being pinned down on the exact date and time for my 6-month follow-up. I barely know what I am doing tomorrow, and I have my Hygienist asking for my May availability. They understand the absurdity of this after you throw out random dates and tell you it can be changed if it doesn’t work.

Today it was a bit different. A few of the hygienists complained about one of the only radio stations they were allowed to play. This all-Christmas station was unable to stay tuned in. My dentist’s office does not believe in streaming music or wish to splurge on the subscriber fee. Terrestrial radio was the way to go! So now we were subject to constant static, which is just as annoying as Christmas music this far in advance.

A happy patient sitting in a dental chair smiling at the hygienist.

Not a Monday

There is no doubt this was a Monday as both my hygenist and dentist were less than cordial. After talking up my dentist’s office about inflicting as little pain as possible, they came out guns blazing. The hygenist scraped the white off my teeth and flossed me like she was playing tug of war. I feel like she won in both cases. Let me tell you; I will not be scheduling another Monday visit to the dentist in the future.

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